Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Awakenings

How long it's been since I've last blogged!! Spring is a time where hope, like the flowers and plants, is reignited. It seems like there is a "jump" in everyone's step; even if they are simply going to work. I've finished my second year in grad school and I only have 2 more classes to go. I'm also currently in the middle of applying for my provisional certificate in school counseling. With this certificate, I can work as a counselor for 5 years until I need to get my professional state certificate. It seems like I am doing everything the right way....

Maybe it's because of a friend's confusing relationship with someone who may or may not be for her, I've been thinking about relationships and why so many of them fail. It is my belief that many relationships would strive and sustain themselves if we treated the other person like "family." Think about it: how often do brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles fight and yell at each other. A lifetime of times, right? Do they ever "break" up??? NO!! If for example, a grown sister fought with her grown brother and feelings were indefinitely hurt, another family member would likely say, "this person is your family, you've got to work it out." As a worst case scenario, you would still see them at a family gathering from time to time. More often then not, the fight would be forgotten and everyone would agree that of course family members fight and quarrel and move on.

Why can't the same premise hold true for "strangers" who meet and fall in love. If a girl and a boy fought like the sister and brother in the above example, there might be a person who would say, "break it off, you can do better. This person doesn't deserve you." So often, family members are so self-absorbed about keeping only their family intact, that they neglect to think of other relationships as anything but a "transitional" thing.

Remember, our parents, grandparents, and the many parents before them all started off as "strangers" before they have taken and dedicated themselves to be a "family." We should treat our relationships (not including the obvious dangerous ones) with the kindness and respect that we would treat our relationships with real family members. We can't get rid of our families; lets keep this in mind when we are with someone we love.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Slump

It's been a while since I last posted! I can't say that I have any excuses for this. Call it a winter slump I guess. I'm also been very busy with my internship at a middle school, classes, and work. Lots to do all day long! Right now I'm fighting a cold and it hasn't been fun since this week has been my vacation off from interning. What can I do. I'm well rested so thats good news. Other then that, I'm looking forward to spring time and the sunshine and warm weather. I hate winter!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lucy Lessons

In my quest for useful knowledge, I stumbled upon a book my father had bought my mother a number of Christmas' ago, Love Lucy by Lucille Ball. My mom and I love all those "I love Lucy" episodes and this was a perfect gift collecting dust over the years. So I decided to look through it since I never had. I read half of it that very evening and these are some of her quotes that I enjoy:

"People with happy childhoods never overdo; they don't strive or exert themselves. They're moderate, pleasant, well-liked, and good citizens. Society needs them. But the tremendous drive and dedication necessary to succeed in any field--not only show business--often seems to be rooted in a disturbed childhood. I wasn't unloved or an unwanted child, but I was moved around a lot, and then death and cruel circumstances brought many painful separations."

I feel that this statement was created after a lot of thought and experience on the part of Lucy. We can go back and forth whether it is true or not. Although I have had a great and excellent childhood, I am still very ambitious. I guess the point where indifference meets ambition can be looked at deeper. Nevertheless, I understand the latter part of her statement and think that individuals in those circumstances can do one of two things: they can either let that overcome them or learn from it and keep moving. That's how I do it sometimes. Just move move move until something else comes along.

Here's another:

"I cured myself of my shyness when it finally occurred to me that people didn't think about me nearly as much as I gave them credit for. The truth was, nobody really gave a damn. Like most teenagers, I was much too self-centered. When I stopped being prisoner to what I worried was others' opinions of me, I became more confident and free. But I still needed to eat."

Ha! That last line got to me. I mean, why she put that in that paragraph, well its fun to think of the reasons. But even that line can refer to me.

Friday, October 31, 2008

My wish list

Although I'm saving up money for my upcoming trip to Rome this Dec, here are some things I've been dreaming about lately which are totally materialistic and ideal. Now in no particular order, I present to you my wish list:

A hot set of pumps that can perfectly compliment my cute feet:

Kelsey, Boutique 9

A fiction romance novel that can keep my mind occupied for hours:

Book Cover Image. Title: Twilight, Author: by Stephenie  Meyer

A positively lovely accessory:

product image

All in an incredible french city overlooking the Mediterranean:

While pursuing my career:

And that special someone to spend it all with:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time will tell

Well this is the first time I'm writing in this new journal so let me give it a try! I've been really busy lately with school, my internship, and my new job. So far, I've been balancing it out the best that I could. I'm currently looking for a new internship for next semester but no such luck. The school that I work in told me that it's not in their policy to allow me in on counselor/student sessions today. After saying "nice to meet you my name is _____," she went on to say that working there would be "impossible." What can I say? I was disappointed. After being really upset for about an hour, I realized that if it wasn't meant to be, I guess I will just have to do my internship somewhere else. I have until Jan to find a school or I can stay at the Catholic h.s. that I am in now. Only thing is, I will probably not be hired since all their staff in the guidance depart are new. *Sigh* Time will tell...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No more AOL journals? Figures

Why didn't AOL explain why they are shutting down our journals? Now I gotta figure out how to save annoying...anywhooo....

So I'm starting my new job in a public school tomorrow. I'll be working 4 days a week among my two days of internship and two days of classes. Not sure how I'm going to balance everything out yet but I will make it work somehow. Money is tight here and mom and I are saving every penny. Will try to update again soon to post how work is going for me!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

Another Year. Another Reminder. Another example of evil that exists in the world.

It's also near the second anniversary of my dad's death and the second year he has missed 9/11.

Some memories of that fateful day and the days that followed: my father buying the NY Post every day and saving the articles; hating that he would have no work on 9/12 (he wasn't afraid to go right back to work); having 9/12 off from school and visiting the nursing home to get some papers signed after volunteering there; watching the news; reading the names of all the "missing" persons; talking about our feelings among friends.

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.
~Emily Dickinson, "Time and Eternity"