Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year in Review

Another wonderful graphic by the talented xxroxymamaxx, lol

So I'm sitting here thinking of an interesting entry and I thought about writing about my past year in 2005. I'm reminiscing about all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lol yeah there was some ugly as well. So lets see...

Last New Years Eve I went to a house party of a girl that I'm not really that close with. I felt sorta uncomfortable and strange since no one would talk to us (me and Monica). But it was something to do and better than sitting at home right? This year I have something much better planned and that is to go to an actual club, yippeyyy

One of the most vivid memories in my mind was the death of John Paul 11 who was our one and only Polish Pope. I remember the anticipation of his death, the news broadcasts from practically all the stations, the actually funeral, the tears, the support from all of his followers, the hundreds of flags, and me waking up early that april morning to actually witness watching the entire procession, live. He was actually a guest priest at my local church sometime in the 60's....way before I was born...and way before he was Pope. I think he was only a priest then. Neat right??

Then I remember my Aunt coming here, not knowing then when she would return back to Poland. She came in May and has helped out out a loooot. She cooks, cleans, works, and is simply just there for us. I'm not saying this is a perfect situation. In fact I feel like I have no say in my house sometimes, but i know that it is not a permanent situation and is the right thing for right now. You see, her family, my cousins, are extremely poor and this is the only way to make ends meet right now for them.

Luckily, with my aunt here to watch our pets, my parents and I were able to go to Europe for 3 weeks. We went to Spain and Poland in early June and had a great time. I missed my boyfriend terribly though but absence makes the heart grow fonder and its true!! It did..

So I started school, my junior year, and acedemically, I did really well thus far. I worked my butt off and now I am able to relax for a while until school starts again. If my math is correct, I actually think I may be able to finish a semester early!!!!! I took all of my necessary classes and only actually have like 5 more to go!!! I shall see...

I got into my honor society, am working at my after school program and have a few terrific friends. Who needs more??I am still seeing my boyfriend of 14 months and I actually seem to get along with his mom!!! Thank goodness,lol

All of that is the "good". The "bad" is being lonely, feeling left out and just a bunch of feelings that I feel every so often. I guess its more of me pressuring myself since so many members of my family have done some crazy things and I feel that I am my family's only hope,lol. Sometimes I feel my happiness is not shared by many since people have other problems in their lives. I also feel like many of these problems would subside if I had a place of my own. Then, coming back home would be exciting again and there would be things to talk about. I feel like I have a different way of doing and thinking about things so it gets frustrating.

The ugly is when my face decides to do its own thing. Or when my allergies get out of control and I don't even know what the cause of it is sometimes. Gotta make that doctor visit and maybe get some allergy shots to get these answers. That's for 2006 ():)

So that is my year in review :) In a nutshell, it was a really good year but I do gotta work on certain things and pray to God that other people work on their faults as well,lol. Thanks for reading, I do believe this was my longest entry yet :)

And if I don't write by Sat, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!!!! May it be peaceful and happy filled with love!!




Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Christmas

Busy Busy Weekend :)

We had company over 3 days straight-Christmas Eve (which is totally big in our Polish household), Christmas Day, and Monday. 3 days of people coming over, I wish I had a break,lol. It would've been nice to go to some one elses house for a change and I didn't even cook! I bet my mom and aunt who did all the cooking wish the same thing. But it was really worth it and I had a great time spent with family and friends.

New Years Eve is coming up and my best friend Monica and I really need to get our tickets for that club pretty soon. We went there last night and the place was closed. It was odd since when Monica called, the answering machine had said that they open at 5. They didn't mention anything about them being closed that day. Since monday was still a national holiday, I get that they closed, just wished they could have said so on the phone!

Nevertheless, I feel very bad for Monica since so many guys have said "no" or made up excuses to not go with her. Since I'm going with my boyfriend, it would be nice if she had someone to go with as well. she said that maybe she'll find someone at the club when we go, or at least find someone to dance with. I really really hope things work out for her. I do still need to get a nice tank top or any fancy top that will go great with my short black skirt I have. And I am pondering whether or not to A. get my nails done, and/or B. get my hair done in light curls or waves. I can always do both at home so I'm thinking thats what I can do...I hate wasting money!!!

I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Christmas!!! It was wonderful to read and check up on everyones journal and see how their holiday went :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reading and ranting today :)

So I have been reading My Sister's Keeper and it is excellent. Not your typical happy, go merry novel and I have no idea how it's going to turn out. It's a really curious thing, doing something for yourself as opposed to doing something for your family when you don't want to. When is that point in decision making when you know exactly the reason for doing something? Do we ever really know why we are doing it? Anyway this book brings out your own reasoning for things and makes you wonder if you would have that same courage.

If you're in New York, you know its a busy time. It's Strike day #3 today and frankly I am not a big fan of the workers and their bosses who started this stike. There, enough said, the news say that they are in negotiation as I am typing and good, hope they stop this hovac. It is against the law and a personal matter that millions of people had nothing to do with!!! So why make us suffer for it???To wake up 4 in the morning to walk to the city is insane and doing it in such cold weather and before the holidays is brutal. So hopefully, things should get resolved soon.




Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dana's Christmas Party 2005

That is me and my boyfriend Jason at our friend Dana's Christmas party on Friday, Dec 16. I don't know why I haven't put any pics in my journal but today's a start, right?

It was a great night actually at a volunteer firehouse, I think. It's somewhere in Long Island here in New York. Getting there wasn't bad either and I was happy we did not get lost :) So we were the first ones there and slowly people did start turning out and we had friends to talk to. I was able to beat Jay at a foosball game and see friends that I did not see for a while. We got home not too late which is perfect.

I am soo glad I have school finished with. I bought myself two books which I already started reading. What I started is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It is an amazing book that really starts you thinking about scientific consequences, technology, and individuality. It's great! My other is Taking Flight by Lynne Kaufman. And that one is about a woman who finally lets herself "live again". One of my favorite things to do around this season is just curl up to a good book. My Aunt said to me the other day, "you just finished school and you're going to read on your own??" Yup, but reading for pleasure is a whole different thing then for school :) Plus they are much better books and a funner read.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Inching closer

~~~I am a few feet away from home plate!!!~~~

Just one more day of school and I'm free until Jan 18!!! It's been the longest semester thus far, maybe it's because of my heavy workload? I took 18 credits one semester but it wasn't like this one,no way. Enough babbling about that..

I really want to see King Kong this weekend. I haven't seen a movie in a long time and i don't wanna spend $10 on just any mediocre film. Although I've heard mixed reviews (more good then bad) I think its a perfect movie, nothing that good has been playing anyway. Can't believe it didn't get any Oscar nominations!! Those people in Hollywood, they are something else,lol.

Yesterday was a real emotional day for me. Why is it that before the holidays, some things just get on the overload. I think I really need this break. Although..............I'll be going to work 4 days a week at my after school program during my vacation and i got a jury summons today. I have to call them Jan 6 they say. If they need me before school starts then thats okay but after that, I don't know. Secretly though, I have always wanted to get a summons and be on a trial. Having that feeling of importance that you are part of law and are changing something is great I think. Thats later though, right now they should let me be a student,lol

Doesn't it seem like Christmas is coming soo very fast this year? Maybe I'm just busy but I feel that when I was younger I had to wait foreverrr. Now its already next week. Wow..

I'm happy to announce that I finally have New Year's Eve plans!! A few of us, my boyfriend, best friend, her possible date, and myself are going to a club!! They're gonna have music, food, and dancing. 3 wonderful things!! I already have a cute black mini skirt to wear, weather permitting, and my boots. I still need a cute shirt and I'm finished. Now on to figuring out what Jay is going to Nah I think he already knows, I told him something fancy, sorta flashy( no plain black and white attire!!!) but just to be himself. ~Can't wait~

That's it for now folks, :)


Friday, December 9, 2005

More shopping


Isn't she sooo cute? I got it from XX Roxy Mama XX. Now just substitute the black hair for blonde and thats me!

Accomplished mucho today and the day is not even over. I got my golden colored highlights today after walking in the slush, ice, and snow for nearly 20 minutes. In the middle of it Jason surprises me and pops out of nowhere. He got out of class early and decided to meet me there :) So he kept me company for nearly an hour and a half! Tough guy

Afterwards I needed to go back to school to get a paper. I needed this paper for revisions that I have to do this weekend. Just because he is making us do them, I am not taking his final on Tuesday. Its an optional final that would take hours to complete, and knowing him I probably would not even do well at it.

And after that we went to the mall so I can get some facial cream and pants. These salespeople really try to get you to buy everything this time of year. I went to a section and she wanted me to purchase like 3 creams for a fortune. She looked at my skin and decided that I need a whole collection of "sensitive skin" creams. Umm no thanks. I went someplace else and got what I was really looking for which was a moisturizer for my mom, aunt, and myself. And with this purchase, I even got a bonus gift :)

I got my pants and then realized I wasn't able to afford anything else, lol. It's alright though since I already did most of my Christmas shopping. Somehow this year I seem to think that the crowds are smaller then usual. I mean there a loads of people sure but most have only 1 or 2 small bags of purchases. I guess with the gas prices and all people can't afford to spend and/or are saving which is a smart idea. Things cost way to much for simple things!!

Ahh well, time to go and revise some papers. Speaking of, how come I haven't gotten back my paper that I emailed yesterday?? Not thisss againnn...

Thursday, December 8, 2005

What to do

So the topic of New Year's Eve is being discussed and what to do that day. It is sort of a touchy subject. On years passed, I would hang out with my best friend Monica and it was always quiet. This year, Jason and I might go to a party but Monica is still single and would most likely not want to go alone. On the other hand, if she goes out with her friends and invites Jay and I to go along, I would not feel comfortable because I do not know them well enough. Time will tell...I just wish I could go to a real party and dress up but no one is really looking into it :(

I finished school yesterday (yayyy) although I still have finals to study for. 3 in total. By next Thursday I will be all done and can finally enjoy my vacation.

Tomorrow, Friday, I am getting my hilites, woohooo. Really hoping they come out looking good :)

Now I must go get ready for work. They better have the heat on, I don't wanna freeze!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Is it Christmas yet?

I managed to do most of my Christmas shopping yesterday and today!!Yess!

Went to Macy's today-the one in the City- and the crowds were overwhelming...My mom and I make a tradition out of going there every year before Christmas to do some shopping and I think this year it was the most crowded it has ever been. There were *lines* to the escalator and guards were there to help people go on their way. It was THAT congested. I liked it though :) My mom, aunt and I were there for about 4 hours and I loved the whole experience. Christmas in NY is fabulous :)

Now I'm hopelessly tired and am struggling through my last bits of schoolwork I have left. I hate feeling this way. I have to keep telling myself its only a little while longer.

Thank goodness for Sundays. A day to relax and rejuvenate. I hear that we might get our first batch of snow tomorrow..that would be nice. It has been feeling that its about to snow for a couple of days now and my leg has been hurting. My leg always hurts right before rain or in this case, snow.

Ah well, I can see signs of aging already, haha which is quite funny actually considering what happened today. I was purchasing something and I was asking one of the workers if she thought getting "A" gift would be better then getting "B" gift. I say A and B because I don't know who may be reading this and finding out what I bought them!

So when I asked her she thought I should get "B" gift because teenagers would probably like it better. What?! teenagersss???

People always think that I look really young but I would hope that I would never look like I'm 14!!

So I get pains like an elderly person and the looks of a kid....Ohwell, at least when I'm older I'll look better then all of my future wrinkly friends ():)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Writing about Writing

Came back from lab a couple of hours sleepy..

I found out that i'm doing really well in that class-Research Methods- which is great but the pressure is now stronger then ever to keep that grade up.

I have 1 more week of school left and there is still much to attend to!!

1. Do my paper for Physio. Psych that's about "The Notebook" and Alzheimer's. It's due Tuesday, argghhhhh

2. Do an extra credit paper in that same class about substance abuse. Thinking about doing "Ray"??? for Wed

3. Re-do my already "excellent" paper about Lady Audley's Secret and Matilda. My teacher has given our optional papers back and said I did a "great" job!! That's due in about 2 weeks :)

4. Do my second draft paper about William Carlos Williams' poem, "Spring and All". Ughh, i know he will grade me harshly..This is due on Tuesday.

So much, right before school is ending :(

But you needn't worry because I always get my sleep and eat right so this should all work out for me.

P.S. Just because my grammar or style here isn't always so great does NOT mean I'm a bad English student!! On the contrary I am actually a pretty good writer who just so happens to be lazy in her journal and who doesn't particularly care about style in her private place of various thoughts!! Just to clear that up for anyone!! :)


Monday, November 28, 2005

My Movie Reviews

I love this movie...

The Notebook

It's called The Notebook and I had a chance to see it for the second time over this past weekend and I just love it. I need to do a paper on a memory disorder and was given this as a choice. So a couple of weeks ago I had gotten this DVD and was able to watch it Friday.

What is especially cute, anyone who has seen this movie will agree, is that Ryan and Rachel are actually going out in real life. AWW..

I think she's a terrific actress and my favorite right now. In my opinion, this movie was better then the book although that is usually the other way around isn't it?

Great Great movie..

On a second note, we watched bits of Lady Audley's Secret in my English class today..

We have just finished reading Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret so it was interesting to see the differences between the text and the movie version. In this case however, I think the novel is way better then the movie. I think it's very rare to find a novel that fits exactly to the movie description. All the directors seem to want to put their spin on these things...I cannot believe Lady Audley has dark hair in this movie!!lol. It's a good read though if anyone is looking for an interesting and mysterious novel :)


Friday, November 25, 2005

Now..The Christmas music may begin

First and formost I would like to say that I hope everyone in J-land had a good and peaceful Thanksgiving!!

I realized this year that sometimes, things can get a little hectic,lol. Not that I'm complaining, oh no, but visiting two families can be more stressful then one! I went to my Aunt's yesterday and I felt largely comfortable in my not so large family,lol. Then afterwards, my boyfriend came over for a little bit for dessert. Great as it was, we had to leave for his family that were all awaiting us and wanting to finally meet me. There were at least 12 people there..phew..but I did manage to feel comfortable.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how a year ago I could never imagine this happening. But I guess this is sort of a rite of passage in coupledom,lol.

Now also, the Christmas music may begin....

I always find it a tad annoying that stations play their Christmas songs even before Thanksgiving!! Finally, I will rest my complaining about this. My fav time of the season is here!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharing is Caring

So the world's ugliest dog died today. Well I'll tell you one thing; I bet he never shared his doggie biscuits like my dog does. No ma'am, my dog Bengie will walk straight up to you with a milkbone in his mouth and will drop it at your feet until you pretend to eat it.

Today he came into my room while I was on the phone and dropped his golden nugget at my heal. The thing is, he won't even leave until he believes you have taken a part of it.

Reason? does he want to make sure its not poison, quite possibly but I believe it has to do with his HEART. He just loves to share :)

Starting today, I'm on vacation!! Got 2 papers to do and a load of other things that I will postpone till later and put on my "to do" list.

Ok who am I kidding?? lol Gonna probably start it tomorrow. ():)

Can't wait til tomorrow actually, cuz I'll be watching "The Notebook" and making Jay sit through it with me!!! :) It's for "educational" purposes and I'm not even kidding. In one of my classes, we have to watch a movie with some character having a memory disorder. In the movie, Allie (Rachel McAdams, love her) has one, but I won't mention it and give it away! Everyone should see it:)

I love love LOVE this movie and is the first DVD I bought. OK I admit that is sorta sad but I never had a DVD player :(. Now i have it on my computer but I won't need it anyway since I'll be going to Jay's house to watch it. Ready or not..

By the way, I had White Castle is scrumptious. Delicious, and yummy, and satisfying and......alright this sounds like a whole other thing,lol

I better go before I get too carried away with my adjectives!! Damn it now I'm hungry all over again!!! :)


Monday, November 21, 2005

This and That

Brown seems to be the color of the season right?

I really do hope my face clears up as soon as it can, preferably before Thanksgiving,lol. It is actually barely noticeable with makeup but the blotches are still there. Please, please go away and now I'm hoping that they are the strawberries because if they aren't then I really have no clue what started this.

I wanted to buy Coldplay tickets today from ticketmaster but they are doing this thing with auctions. What in the world? Why can't I just buy my two tickets and pick out my seats, that was my intention after all. So I went to ticketmaster and saw that prices start at $100!! Plus, you aren't even guaranteed a seat if someone bids higher then you!!

I only saw Coldplay once and that was at Clausfest and they only played a few songs. Damn...really wanted to see them again.

Besides that, its cold and we're waiting for rain here in NY. Perfect weather for snuggling up to a great book, right?? :)


Sunday, November 20, 2005

I woke up today with my entire face not looking like its supposed to. My first thought? allergic reaction. So I began thinking what it was that I ate over the past couple of days.



*cranberry juice/ white grape juice

I think those things did it and as a result i like like the color of this font :(. I really need to take those allergy tests so I can treat this better. Lets see, I won't have any of those things for a couple of days and see what happens.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Various events

Guess what Joanna got into? Psi Chi, thats what!!! No I did not learn a new language, Psi Chi is this huge honor society for Psychology. Both me and Jackie got in although I don't know how many others applied..YES, 2 honor societies in college under my belt.....uuurrrmm.. skirt :)

A lot going on, we are looking at open houses every weekend and so far we have found my cousin an appartment!! Yeah thats what we decided to do. We are going to keep our house and look for an apartment that one day may be mine :). Nothing grand, but 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is preferable. Well the 2 bedroom thing is a must. I'm so excited, I'm already thinking about what I wanna buy in IKEA, haha. Very huge project right now.

My english class is a torture. My professor ain't bad but his load of work is. Last week I handed in my THIRD draft of the same paper and but of course I got a B. I almost cried. I felt that bad. What did he decide to do in class today? Assign draft 1 for our next term paper!! All of this plus a crap load of other things to do. If I can only get through to Thanksgiving I will be very thankful indeed.

Speaking of, I need new tights for my skirt. Must buy, must buy, but when??

Am getting a haircut tomorrow and she is not sure if she will have time for hilites. It doesn't really matter since I can always go elsewhere.

Have a huge presentation tomorrow!! It is about Neuropsychology and in particular I will be talking about Visual Neglect. I had to make 32 copies 4 pages apiece for my class. I always get nervous in front of people, so wish me luck!

Is that it, I think that's it for now. Such a lovely day.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frito anyone?

Or an Oreo?

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. Jay, Monica and I went out to meet some of her friends in the city. One of them just happens to be her crush who possibly does not know it. Well anyway, last night he had brought a girl with him so as you can understand she was verry crushed.

We went to the NYIT(New York Institute of Technology) dorms so we could have a place to chill for the evening. Since Jay and I were the only non NYIT students there we had to wait in the late night chilly outdoors so someone could sign us in. after that we were quite comfortable.

The residents there were very nice to us and we were equipped with chips, cookies, sodas, and other various liquid substances, haha. To say the least, people were "friendly", at times, overly friendly towards one another. But when Monica's man and the other girl started in a midst of passion, feelings started to be involved. My poor friend Monica's heart was shattered. It was time to go

It took us a while but we finally got on the right train and looking back, I dunno how we got through it without any complaints. In Monica's obvious agony, words were shouted out that would make me squeemish. It was quite funny actually although her sobbing and yelling of profanity did not help our situation.

At the end of the night, all was quiet and half of which was remembered. Ahh well at least I can say there is but one man who was quite practical and reasonable and that was Jay. To the other guy, well he can bug off and leave Mon alone although I don't see that happening considering all 3 of them are in the same classes.

But hearts can mend right? Of course they can

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A thought to ponder

Today, I do not have much to say. Or maybe it is that I have a lot to say but feel the most natural to keep it inside. It is what I have always done, it is what I am the most comfortable doing. Do not ask me why cuz I really have no idea. Maybe it is upbringing or maybe it is just plain habit.

When I'm angry I just let it simmer inside of me. I have always felt that "grownups" had the right to be angry since they are the ones living the hard life: paying bills, having kids gone awry, becoming unemployed, worrying about what to cook, wondering why there is always laundry to be done, the "grownup" list goes on and on.

Now that I am no longer a child, I still hold those beliefs and I wonder why. I am just like everyone else but I feel guilty about complaining. This is ludicrous. The truth is that everyone experiences a hard life all in different forms. But the complexity stays the same. It is how you deal with it that matters and I chose to deal with it differently from all those "grownups" that I have encountered.

When I have a home of my own, worry about bills, take care of children, clean the house, I will act differently. I won't ever think "my problems are the worst" or "you're a child so I will treat you differently" or "I am greater then you beacause I am bigger"

No, being TIRED is BEING TIRED. This holds true for child and grownup alike. I won't let them be in control of me for the rest of my life.

Now they wonder why I am sad or quiet, lol. It is cuz I don't wanna be like them and complain about every little miniscule thing.

Sadly, and I hope this isn't wrong of me to say, but I think that I am smarter then they are about certain things so either way I am stuck in some kind of a hole.

Do I dare say something to them? Nope. It would crush their hearts and they wouldn't even understand anyway. Once again it will remain inside of me until one day when I am able to live independently from these people's overacting and tedious emotions.

Until then......



Saturday, November 5, 2005

A Free Moment

My Professor postponed our Physiological Psych. test from Monday to Wednesday and now I have some time to spare :)

If you read my previous blog, you know that I was obsessed with Bloomingdale's. So this past Friday I took my boyfriend in tow and went there. 2 hours later, and just when I was about to leave with not a single thing purchased, instinct told me to go back to this particular section once again.

I went back and lo and behold!! They had my size small cute black skirt that I had wanted all along but didn't have my size. Somehow, someone had put the only small size back on the rack and saved my day!!

No I am not normally that superficial but give me a break, I had a hard week (): )

And my weekend (which I am in the middle of now) is not much more lenient.

Until I got this terrific email from my Professor.

...Thanks Professor for allowing me some time for back to my work...

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Ahh Bloomingdales

So i went to the City today for what was supposed to be my eye doctor appointment. Since I'm considered a "Glaucoma suspect", it is essential that I see my Doc every 5-6 months just to keep things on the right track.

When I got there, I found out that my appointment was canceled :( It is not their fault since they did call about a week ago but my Aunt, who does not speak English, answered. We just thought that they were confirming my appoint. but in actuality, they wanted to tell me that my Doc was not coming in :( oweelll.

What did I do instead?? GO TO BLOOMINGDALE'S!!!

What paradise! I had to go to work so all I could do was look around but I saw some amazing things. Skirts, sweaters, jackets,etc etc. I saw these Michele watches that were gorgeous. I wonder how much they cost...I do need a watch and I want it to be a good one.Maybe for Christmas?

I was in such a happy mood that I decided I wanted to look pretty now!! lol. I put on my "reasonable" sized high heels (with no stocking) and went off. By the end of my day, I was in pain and limping from multiple blisters.

Actually, why did I ever think my day went well. My appointment was canceled, I had no money on me, and all I could do was window shop with no chance of getting anything.

Mhmm, I must go back again and I'm thinking Friday would be a great day to do it. Oh wish me luck on getting a fabulous skirt for Thanksgiving.

And a watch for Christmas...

And boots for the winter...

Okay I'm dreaming, but I'm allowed to!! :) *Ahhhhhhh*

Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick Or Treat Thru J-Land



Gee my entry looks so boring compared to everyone elses. I'm sorry, I just haven't figured out how to get a better version and put up those smilies and make it look better. I was looking thru some "cool" journals lol and found that J-land is doing something really funky!!

Starting Friday night thru Monday night( which is today) visit as many J-Land journals as you can and leave a comment and a link to your journal as a treat :) the more you visit the more trick or treaters you get!!!!

Please call your entry "TRICK OR TREAT THRU J-LAND". If you come to a journal that does not have this entry title, consider it a door you knocked on and no one answered! Decorate the journal for Halloween (as you can see mine is very bland,lol). Leave links to your journal and only stop at each journal only once!!!

I joined it late but it's fun anyway. It's like trick or treating for grownups!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Godson turns 3!!

Happy Birthday to you..

Aww my Godson Michael turns 3 today and I am not able to see him *tear tear* Why you ask? Because he is all the way in Poland and I'm all the way here.

I did get a chance to speak to him over the phone though but he was so excited that he didn't wanna talk, lol. He had a huge party and plenty of guests to tend to, haha. He is so smart. One day, my aunt told me, he asked his mom if he could go to the neighbors house (where there are no kids mind you only adults). This is what he said "Mom I'm leaving to go to the neighbors for some coffee" lololol. So he went and stayed there all by himself for over 3 hours!!!

*sigghhh* I miss him. I miss everyone there actually since half of my family is there. Ohh welll, I just visit frequently and that helps.

Oh boy I gotta go now to get ready for "North Country" that I'm seeing with Jay. First we're gonna go to Shop-and-Stop to get some munchies and drinks, lol. No way I'm spending all that money and popcorn that's too stale or drinks that are half filled with ice. No way hosay.

Happy Birthday Baby, MWAAA

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


To quote my Professor, "I feel like I haven't been dry for about two weeks"

Rain just won't go away here and when I do find a bit of land that has some sunshine upon it, the moment just gets ruined with a gust of air that can knock my socks off. I go to school not worrying about getting a disease from a dirty desk but worrying whether I'll stop in a puddle or freeze my ears that will really get me sick again.

It's also this time of year where I don't hear from like anyone. All of my friends seem to be non existent and secluded in their own worlds. I'm just grateful that I talk to like 2 people a day (family doesn't count). So what do I do? homework that keeps me occupied, nag at my boyfriend who lets me..usually :), eat, think about shopping, and prolonging making appointments such as for my hair. I watch the Series...poor Astros, they are really getting beat down. So that's what I'm doing.

Alright, I changed my mind. I just checked the weather and it's supposed to rain this Friday, the day I wanted to make my hair appointment. Why would I ever do that to my hair? Maybe I'll wait a little longer so that my hilites will look sexy and new for Thanksgiving.

Any excuse to NOT make an appointment.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I feel like nesting

Well I haven't written in a while because I've been keeping up appearances in my myspace profile. Not much has been going on and that might be because I have been feeling like a hen, plump and wanting to nest or hybernate. My aunt has been making all sorts of yummy foods that I've been indulging in without any regret. I've been sick this past week,so all my work has been sorta compromised and I still don't feel a 100%. I'm slowly getting better and have my hot tea and chocolate to sooth me,lol

So tonight is Game 2 of the World Series. Not really a huge fan of either because I don't know em but I love watching regardless. I don't think the Astros have ever made it this far so I might be quietly rooting for them,lol.

Long week ahead of me and November is just around the corner. Right now I better finish looking up info on Visual Neglect, an interesting little disorder :)

I'll try to write soon....if I don't feel like a hen again


Monday, October 10, 2005

I know that this is true..

It's been a rainy, dreary, working hard weekend and I'm sick on top of it all. Instead of complaining I thought I would think of things that I know is true in this world Unknown...

Alright, I know that THIS is true...

*my family loves me

* I have the smartest dog (because he smells does not count)

*I know that I want to counsel for a career (how I do it is still a mystery)

*not everyone is out to get me

*a lot of anger in the world is done out of selfish reasons

*jealousy is the root of a lot of evil

*many kids do not know the meaning of fear-and that is a dangerous thing

* I rather be a passenger in a car but a driver in my life

*I love Polish food and need to learn how to cook more of it (alright, all of it)

*I cannot live without chocolate

*having a breakup can make you appreciate a great relationship

*genorosity pays back in ways you cannot imagine

*you can take care of your body but Psychology takes care of your mind

                                     ***and lastly***

*making time for people, any person, is the most important thing in the world

 On a different note~I read this and I thought of you..


" Life presents lessons to you. You must decide, of all that comes your way, what is true and what is not, what applies to you and what does not. You are the real teacher, and the learning is up to you. "

I read that in my book of different quotes and I found it interesting

<3 <3 <3








Thursday, October 6, 2005

A hit on?

For the most part this sem, class has been class (except my classes with Jackie, those r way more fun). I do the usual, get my hw done on time, read what I have too..and try to do that on time but its trickier..and just make sure I get enough sleep and nutrition.

My class that I dread the most? Research Methods. Not because it's hard, but I get the feeling I will never actually meet with my own personal standards, which are ever so high!!

But last night something strange happened in class. For the first time in a long time, I felt I knew what was goin on and that I was "known". Some may know what I'm talking about, I felt that I wasn't just a face in the crowd. Anyway we got into groups and we started talked about personal issues while we were supposed to do work,lol. Well a kid in my group knows my bf and we just started talking a bit and then the weird thing happened.

Another guy from the group in a serious tone goes "wait so you mean you're taken?"

I just sit there for a second and nod and he goes "okay so I guess I'll have to tell my girfriend" "hahahaha"

What in the world? Why do weird situations flock up against me.

Well the whole group was just silent and I quickly went back to what I was doing.

Weird lab day...Still confused though, was it a hit on? If it wasn't then that guy needs some serious work on his sense of humor..

Saturday, October 1, 2005

So Paris Hilton broke off her engangement? I'm not surprised. Nor will I be if they get back together...

Melania Trump makes her first appearance after announcing her pregnancy by entering a ritzy New York restaurant and bumping into who???...Ivana thats who~Ouch!!

*sidenote- Hung out with Susan today and bought a very nice set of dark brown high heeled shoes, a snuggling sweater, and a cute, cute, CUTE pair of tight jeans. Oh Yeaahhh.




Monday, September 26, 2005


hmmm I heard some peculiar news today....hmmmm

Other then that, not much going on today but just random thoughts and rambles. Senior year is next year and I really start needing to condense my choices and decide what I want to go into if I do go to Graduate school. Cuz the truth of the matter is, I don't know if I wanna spend a large, work-packed 2 years of my life if it won't guarantee me anything. Am I being reasonable, I think I am just being realistic. My major is Psychology and I do enjoy it for the most part. Several of my Professors are eh but thats only because they are Doctors and act all too well like them. Not saying anything negative about Doctors but you know what I mean. They use big technical terms and do not have a sense of humor. I don't want to be like that.

On the other hand, I still need to go look for an internship and I'm hoping that it will point me in the right direction. I'm not really worried about "working out there" because I know it will work out. I'm just not sure if school is what I really want to do but I might just have to.

I should be doing work right now but I don't want to. Re-writting my little one page paper seems insignificant now then it was last week. So I got a B- on my intro and paraphrase. Can't you tell what kind of nut this is? Yeah this is the one that I was yapping about a couple of entries ago. Right now I just don't care about it.

In English I'm reading The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, who happens to be a woman but took the persona of a man!! Isn't that incredible. She didn't want to be "another female writer" so she did this. This was written like in the 19th Century so many woman writers had to really try to prove to others that they can be just as good as anyone else. Not digging it in the beginning, I'm really starting to get a hang of it now that I know more about Eliot's background and of the book.

Thats it for now, tootles

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jurassic Park III= Fun

Weekend went very well. Starting on Friday...

Jay and I went to Jonathon's where we met his friend Anthony and then we all went to this place called Johnnie Rockets to eat. I wasn't all that hungry but I knew we would go to the bar laters so I ate up. Afterwards, we all went back to Jonathon's house to chill before we would go. We decided to watch Jurassic Park III which initially I wasn't all to keen on doing. Watching it with a group though makes all the difference cuz we were laughing our behinds off! Then we went to our regular place which seemed less crowded then usual but it was still good. Shhhhh, I got me a Long-Island ice tea but don't tell anyone *innocent grin*

On Sat, I went to see Jay's band "No Big Deal" play in this place called the Red Zone. I was very happy my friend Jackie could make it with her date and I hope they had a good time. Just to prove what kind of nerd I am, she even gave me a list to tell me how to print something out for school, lol. They didn't play my fav song but I got to hear like 2 new ones instead.

What else happened..hmm I got to test out Jay's new bed..yes, think what you want, think what you want :). I really liked his pillows, and I believe that it's time I should get a new one. We looked through old yearbooks, it was mighty mighty...what's the word I'm looking for? comfortable.

By the way. Dr. Pepper is nasty I dunno why so many of you like it out there!!! My fav is still the good ol' Coca Cola. I wonder where it got it's name from. Anyone know??

Anyhoots, back to homework!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today I just want to write. And not to be graded on it. Yeah i started my sentence with "and" and "yeah" so take THAT Professor who shall be remained as G!!! I don't write well enough for ya, you say, well hmmfff!!! is what I say. My thoughts are clear but still shady for you?.....BUG OFF, is that clearer :)

I feel better now.

I like this font too.

I like a lot of things come to think of it. But not "Young Goodman Brown" by Hawthorne. Enough is enough, you read one of his stories and you get the idea of what he is about. I do like him though but not the story,lol

My boyfriends band is playing on Sat, yeeeHAWW. Not really country music, lol it is like punk rock but I am thinking about cowboy boots. It's in style right now but since I am not living in Texas, I will not buy them!! I don't get those people out there but owell, if it suits your fancy...

Speaking of Texas (see how each topic is related), I feel very badly for those in Rita's way. I just don't know, the South is not lucky this year. I'm hoping things will be more prepared as I believe they are. However you cannot stop Mother Nature, she has been doing her thing since the beginning of time.

Now i believe it is my time to go. This time I will update sooner thinking it's almost the weekend already. YEhawwww

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just jabbing along

I wish I could use some smilies here but AOL won't allow me. Maybe I need to upgrade this thing or something but I do not know how to do it :(. See iIwould have used a sad smiley here which would have been more animated for you guys, lol. Owell

On to my weekend...

I thought I was gonna to get a panic attack yesterday. I have got so much work to do that for a moment I thought "how am I ever gonna finish this on time?". Thank God for Jason though, he is a lifesaver for me right now. He's doing me this huge favor and finding/printing a couple of articles that I need. The thing is, it took me an hour and a half last evening to find and print one damn article!!! Knowing that I have all of this other stuff, this is helping me a looot. Also, I am not such a computer saavy person so thanks Jay!! And I had a lot of fun yesterday *wink*

So today my mom, aunt and I went shopping. We bought a whole load of fun goodies so I had a blast. Tomorrow I am seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousin and later Jay and I might see "The Constant Gardner". For this I heard mixed reviews. It is not a comedy so if you want to think and learn, I heard that I should see it. It's long though, grrrr, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

I guess that was only half of my weekend.

One more thing before I go. I start work on Tuesday which means that I will yet try to find other ways to get my hw done. oyyy. It won't be so bad though because it is only twice a week and I like my job. I get to help kids (who already know me from the past 4 years of me working there). 4 years, is it really that long??? I had also gotten a raise, YAYYY. I won't say how much because I would like to keep my friends, haha. No really, it is not a fortune but I love it anyway!! So that's it. Till next time!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is it December yet?

Things are beginning to get overhwelming. My classes are horrible. It is one of those semeters where in each class, the Professor thinks theirs in the only class that I am taking. In "Women's Writer's", we are expected to read our assigned book every week. This means that every day I am reading "at least" 50 pages...for ONE subject. This is not even my major!!

Each class is like this, I really don't know how things are gonna be when I start work next week. It feels like this wasn't as hard as last year. The good part is, is that I know more people that I see on a daily basis.

I had lunch with Susan today which was unexpected and nice. She also plans on getting an internship this year and so we are planning on going togther. We made other plans as well I just hope I am able to keep up with them considering this schedule.

Did I mention that i got drenched today by flying watered fireballs?

Ok so it was rain and not really fireballs but thats certainly what it felt like. Large globs of water and with this humidity that we are still experiencing, I was sweating and wet to the bone (with my umbrella mind you). Oh and I had a Sex and the City moment that was not fun either. I saw my bus and I was get to the line. This is already while I am soaking wet. So, what does fate decide to throw upon me? Well there is a really busy intersection near the stop and a car decided to beside me. I felt like I was at a beach; there was this huge wave (it seems) that went crashing at me. Needless to say, I was glad when I was finally at that bus.

Well I better get going seeing that I have a load of work to do. Cross your fingers that I do well :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

My 9/11 Memories

I will never forget...


September 11, 2001 changed my life in ways that I still cannot grasp even 4 years later. The thought of all those people that were MURDERED all before their time is just plain awful. I think that a piece of all New Yorkers' hearts broke a little that day. I don't mean to bring all the painful memories of that day back again. This is just my story of what I will remember of that fateful day.

I was a junior in High School and it was the middle of Bio class. Throughout the class we kept on hearing different names called to go down to the office. My friend Maggie was sitting next to me when we hear the first of many announcements. I will paraphrase; "I have some really sad news to tell you today. There has been a horrible plane accident in lower Manhattan". YEs that principal of mine called it a "plane accident"!! "I would like everyone to not worry and to finish this class. Afterwards everyone may proceed to return to their homerooms. If I find anything else out I will let everyone know promptly. Please do not panic or come downstairs. Thank you." Can you believe that? The World Trade Center had collapsed and she continued to call it a plane accident!! Needless to say people panicked.

I did not have a cell phone so I was not able to call anyone. I knew that both of my parents worked in lower Manhattan..I was scared to death. It was not until about 2 PM that my father finally picked me up. What he had to say was horrible. He worked about 3 blocks away from the WTC and he saw everything: the 2nd plane hitting the tower, people jumping from the windows..I couldn't believe City, destroyed.

Luckily no one in my family worked there and died. I did have a boyfriend though whose mother perished...that was horrible. I remember crying for days. I was grateful that I had the chance to visit the towers a couple years earlier and go on the roof and see the amazing view of the entire city. Today I cherish those memories. Nothing they will ever build will ever be enough for me. I want my towers back, not some damn old building thats "safe"!!!

I hate the people who did this. They deserve to be punished. To kill so many inncoent lives just because they hate America, that is pure evil. This is why I will always support out troops in whatever they do. I will never forget and I will always stand by America..<3 God bless the USA!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

A Wedding Update

So the wedding was on Saturday.

I had a lot of things on my mind... cousin getting married, the Reading that I had to do (did very well by the way), my parents meeting Jay, other ppl meeting Jay, the reception, making sure my hair was in the right place, making sure I remembered to take the pictures I was supposed to..etc.etc...

 It was a small wedding. Only 15 people. I think everything went well though. My parents like Jay which is very important. In any case, it was a beautiful day. The reception was in Long Island City, right near the water. It was a SPECTACULAR view of Manhattan. The restaurant is called Water's Edge and it is very ritzy; excellent service. The dessert was incredible. YUMMY. It was a wonderful night :)

I am happy. Now I have to start making plans for New Year's Eve. Monica and I want to go out, like realllly go out. Get dressed, get makeup done, go out. I'm sure we'll find something in the City if we reserve on time. I have to start looking but that won't be a problem :)

Tootles for now, Joanna

Thursday, September 1, 2005

I can't seem to get my eyes off the TV set it seems. Thinking about it, we are so incrediblely small in this universe. We cannot stop nature from running its course and she will, however way she pleases. Watching the news coverage, I just cannot imagine how something like this can happen..I will keep praying..

It was my second day of school today and some courses really look hard. This year I'm taking Intro to Psychology Methods, Physiological Psychology (I have a hard time just pronouncing it), Women Writer's of the 19th Century, English Studies, and Research Methods which also has a lab. Phew that is quite a handful with 16 credits total. I'm gonna have to work my bum off, especially in the areas of Psych and English since those are my concentrations. Starting to have second thoughts with Graduate School, lol. Thank goodness that I still have some time for that!

Today is practice for my cousins wedding. They had asked me to do the second reading and so of course I complied. Although I do have stage fright and get nervous in front of large crowds I figured this might be fun. My boyfriend is also going and he's gonna meet everyone which is about time,lol.

This is about it for now. Weather continues to be really hot but i don't care I am enjoying it before it gets cold again.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

School Already?

I purposely did not make any plans today; I needed this time to prep up and get ready for this workload ahead of me. Lame right? lol. Well the reason being is that the way I like to do things is to mentally get in the mindframe of something so that it's not a total shock of when I actually do it. Or you can say that this is just an excuse of me not having anything in particualr to do,lol. I guess it is both..Luckily I don't have an overwhelming day tomorrow; just class from 8-11:05. My Wednesday's are gonna suck though; class from 8-11:05 and theeen from 4:40-8:10. Hopefully (crossing my fingers here), my Professor WILL NOT keep us in that long. We shall see...

Other than that today was a calm and quiet day. I am making some friends here so yaaaaay I am happy about that. It takes a lot for me to make the first move so this is what I'm trying to do...


Sunday, August 28, 2005

A night out in NYC

Yesterday was so much fun! It was my friend Monica's 20th Birthday and we went to Lucky Cheng's which is a restaurant in the city. What makes this restaurant so "unique" is that it is made up of drag queens, shows, and is the bachelorette capital in NYC!! In 2001 Britney Spears even came here as well. Well this particular night featured 16 different bachelorette parties. It was a memoral night..

Afterwards we all went psychic hopping around the village, lol. Forget bar hopping, this was much more fun. Most of us: Monica, Jessica, Carla, Stella, and myself got tarot card readings and I must say our psychic was dead on the money with me. It was sorta creepy.. For example she knew the deal and drama with my family and she said straight out that it will get worse before it gets better. I for one believe her. Although sorta costly, I know, I know..$30, I think it was worth it. It was exciting and fun since I had never had a tarot card reading before.

The night was fun folks although by the time I went home my feet were kiiillling mee! Damn it, I wanna go to another party already..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Time for a Change

Another journal!! My I am giving everything a chance this year. First I updated my thefacebook profile and started a Xanga journal that you can check out here:

Then I was influenced to get myspace that you can also check :

And now I am doing this thing. I guess I was frustrated with Xanga since no one ever commented, lol. I think a part of me doing this is because I have been reading a lot of AOL journals lately; have been for a loong time. I guess because I have AOL I feel that I should use this opportunity up. I have always felt that no one cared and so I have kept thoughts to myself but I am, *learning to realize* that opening up is a good thing.

If I ever do become a Psychologist I would need to believe in my clients and would want them to open up to me so I guess this is practice. Plus it is fun to talk about myself I can't lie, lol. So I'm going to rant, I'm going to rave, I'm going to complain, and I might brag and I don't care!!! It's my journal people and I can do whatever I like hehehe