Friday, September 29, 2006


No, not the tears again.

But they came, as I knew they were bound to do.

Looking at old pictures can make one happy or sad...long for that moment or being glad that there's the present. Well today I decided to look inside my coffee table drawer where I came upon pictures of Summer 2005. It was a great summer, probably the best I ever had, looking at it now. My dad, mom, and I went to Germany, Spain and Poland and it was terrific.

There's my dad with a glimpse of a smile that he never shows. It is him and a kitten inside his shirt pocket. 8 months before he would be diagnosed. If I had a scanner I would show you. The contrast is incredible.

Tears flowed before I could stop them, before I could realize that its only a picture.

My dad is back in the hospital having a blood transfusion.

And I only wish he could be that guy in the picture: blissful and ignorant of a pain that can cause so much suffering...

Friday, September 22, 2006


Note to self: Don't try to lose the child in me.

Working at an after school program, I quickly realize how often us adults lose sight of the "child" in us. There are moments where I am either too serious, busy, or afraid of the challenges that lay ahead.

Does anyone know a child who holds grudges for a long time??I think not. I admire a child's ability to adapt to environments and learn new things without being intimidated. Children are constantly amazed at finding new things and are always curious...not usually frightened. They are trustworthy and see the good that people do. Most importantly, they are not prejudiced and are able to make decisions without that component that may blindsight that decision.

Yup, children don't know how lucky they are.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Novels, YEA

If only school was composed of classes- without deadlines, long papers, and needless presentations and homeowrk, then school would be fun! I'm really enjoying my 3 english classes I am taking this semester since I am reading many interesting books. I am also taking 2 Psychology classes, although to be honest, they are not as "enchanting" as the english ones,lol.

Books I've read so far: The Country Wife, Ruth Hall, The Coquette, and the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (the last could have definitely been left out!).

Other then that, I have a paper due Monday and online discussions for tomorrow. BUT it'll be Friday :)