Friday, April 21, 2006

About me

Is it summer yet?

For some reason, high school didn't feel this hard. I've just been so know how I know this? My glummy feelings. I get enough sleep, its funny that sleep is not the problem but I still walk around tired all the time. Maybe it's all because I have never used my brain as much as I'm doing now. I'm getting all my work done...ahead of time..and it's real good quality :) For this, glummness may be worth it

I have also figured out I need some time for myself. Even at 21, I do everything either for school, family, or friends. I'm thinking pretty soon I'm gonna forget how to have fun! And I'm not talking about going shopping or getiing my nails done which I do anyway, I'm talking about "living" for myself.

For instance, I wanna go out with friends, meet new people, go dancing (which I havent done). Last time my boyfriend and I went dancing, we got into an argument and so i havent gone since but this bothers me. I dont mean to sound like an Ashley Simpson or all those who are always trying to "find themselves." Maybe living for myself can help me relax at the same time..

Monday, April 10, 2006

Very short

12 more days of school! Everyone knows what this means right? Lots and lots of studying and writing before my summer break. I spent my weekend doing my first powerpoint lesson which I'll have to present tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about it because my professor is being a pain and wants people to ask questions. I do hope it turns out okay. Don't know what else to write so I'll leave it at that :)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I actually should be doing a paper right now...

But I'm writing an entry instead *siiigh*

 Rachel, great comment. Yes I did have a great time with my friends and boyfriend. On April 1, I took them all out to dinner where I spent a lot of money but it's okay, you only turn 21 once right? I was really glad that everyone got along and I love my presents! I really feel like these girls and I will be friends for a long time, past college.

I have been really busy with school and it's only going to get worse this month. With only a couple more weeks to go, everything is due around this time and I just know my weekends are going to suffer. I have a presentation on Tuesday which I'm whacking my head over...I haven't even started it! My topic will be Functionalism (Darwin). This semester my teacher is really strict with these presentations and testing us to the limit. I hope I get it done and am able to put it on powerpoint.

My dad started chemo already and so far so good...He's scheduled for an MRI on the 23rd and that should tell us how effective the radiation was on his brain lesions. Other then that, my dad's experiencing the typical side affects. Scratch that, "everyone" is experiencing his side affects,lol. It seems my family always gets on each others nerves now. OHwell. I try to find Jesus in everyone and this seems to be helping me,lol. Psychology has also been beneficial to the way I act around my dad and family so that is a plus as well!! Hoping I update earlier next time....hugss