Monday, February 27, 2006

Trying to function in this awful weather

I can't wait til..........Spring Break!!!! week. Until then though I have much to do and things are just getting started unfortunately. Yesterday I went to Jason's aunt house and had a good, cozy time. We chilled in their fireplace room and enjoyed the fire, perfect for the freezing temps we are having now. Today I went to school, went to Staples to get some cartridge ink, came home, did some hw, went to work, and I'm home again. On top of it all I have a cold which is making me cough, sneeze, and feel light headed. I can't afford to miss a day of school though and I'm trying to get better. Enough for now I must go and do some research for a Coleridge poem called "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". Ughh

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Expecting company

Just in case anyone was curious, these are some pictures that I had recieved from my cousin at her "prom" I guess you can say. She is the brunette on the left, a lot of people even say we look alike!! She is 2 years younger then me and my favorite cousin!!! Isn't that red dress gorgeous too by the way??

So today my half brother from North Carolina is coming to spend a few days with our dad. After hearing the news, he wants to come and see us. I'm excited as well since I haven't seen him since the last time he came for our grandmother's funeral in 2004. My dad is doing okay and is resting a lot (our orders!!! lol). His spirits were low for a few days so we were worrying and I'm not sure how he's going to take it once the real deal starts-radiation and chemo. We can only pray that it will work out....

Today, my favorite part of the Olympics will be on!!!! Ladies free style skating. The girls from the US are doing great, I'm rooting for Sasha!! It's too bad that it'll interfere with Dancing with the Stars though but thats okay, I'll switch it up :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am envious,lol. My cousin Justina, who lives in Poland is going to be in this pageant (sort of like a Miss America). I am not envious about this at all, she deserves it but when I saw her photos, the first thing that I saw was her dress!!!! It was beautiful! Then I saw her friends and theirr dresses which are also gorgeous. When I asked my aunt (her mom) how much it cost, it turns out that she did not spend that much money. In our currency, it is close to about $60-70 I think. If I wanted to get a dress like that I would have to go to Nordstrom or Saks and pay like $500 for a dress that is common looking.

This got me thinking today and next time I go to Poland, I am getting me some pretty dresses and getting my hair done. Last summer, I had gotten my hair done over there and it was beautiful. And get cost about $30 for a great style hair cut plus hilites. Ladies, you know that if you wanna get hilites or your hair colored, that in itself costs at least $100.

Damn, I am so jealous!! Lol

Saturday, February 18, 2006

How much can we handle??

I actually woke up at 10 AM today!! Finally...with school, and everything else in between, I have only been getting about 7 hours of sleep in the last two weeks but this time, I slept! It's a good thing, cause today will be a busy day.

My dad is in the hospital...AGAIN. One day after coming home, he started having dizzy spells and had many other unfortunate side effects :( If he was weak from the chemo, we would understand; but what happened Thursday night, I will never forget. He was going to the bathroom and blacked out cold. Actually, we thought this was it.....I had to go through the rounds again and call the ambulance and this time, the whole crew came by. Luckily my dad was conscious by then, and we really believe that it was a close call and if my mom and aunt didn't know what they were doing, then that would be it.

He's in intensive care and I cannot describe the feeling in that part of the hospital. One patient in that room is on life support and her daughter was there deciding if/when she should take her mom off it. Another man kept on pulling off the tubes that were connected to him and after I went home, my mom told me that he actually went into cardiac arrest and the doctors had to resuscitate him back into life. Glad I wasn't there for that one!!

I'm sorry if I seem so graphic but I am actually holding back things that seem too detailed. Seeing my dad like that breaks my heart but it must break my mom's heart even more. Within the past several years she had lost her best friend to breast cancer and my grandmothers death in 2004 is still vivid for us. It just seems so much you know? But believe it or not I am feeling much better today since I was really pessimistic yesterday. We're seeing him again today and he called us early this morning! Compared to how he was doing yesterday, this is a huge step.

I will probably see Jay later since my cousin has given him a computer design job that he can do at home. And I need to go out. I was planning on doing so yesterday but was feeling too low. Instead Jay surprised me and came over!! He called me on the phone and said, "come out to your front porch I left you something". I said well where are you and he said "I'm in my car, come out before it blows away". When I go out what do I see but Jason standing there :)

It'll be a better day today


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So tired

Hello friends, I hope everyone had a great and happy Valentines Day. Honestly though, it has been such a tough week for me between school, work and visiting my dad. I wish I had some happy news to share but yesterday he was diagnosed with lung cancer. I am so very tired I was gone all day yesterday from 7:35 AM to 9 PM when I got home. I was at the hospital and we were waiting to speak to the oncologist to tell us the procedure for the cancer.

Its radiation for the brain growths and chemo every three weeks for 6 months. He came home today..which is good news and he's been feeling fine. We are optimistic about it though and with prayers it will all be okay. So many people have cancer and they manage to pull through.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowed in

Well not poor mom has been outside (now she's in) for hours trying to shovel and yet it all keeps on coming back. We're having our first real snowstorm and I hate it! Now before anyone starts thinking that I should help out, well I did, and so did my aunt. Now I'm wondering if I'll have school tomorrow and I probably will :( It's annoying since I have a test first thing tomorrow and it would be realllly nice if they decided to close. My worst fear is that I'll wake up at 5 in the morning just to take a bus, subway, and another bus all to find out that my professor couldnt show up and I didn't have to come in!!

My poor father called around 12 while I was studying for this damn test and he was like "no one called, did you forget about me???" lolol. No we didnt dad, we were just busting our tushies so we dont get a flood and to maybe use the car tomorrow. Then he says, "well you know I can sneak out of here for a while and walk over there to help you guys out" lol..I wish :)

So you better get better daddy, we need another person to help us!!! (): )

Friday, February 10, 2006

Innocent joy

Ok so here's one happy thing that happened to me yesterday:

I was at work and I was downstairs this time with the little guys. I usually work upstairs but they needed me so I went down. So I'm sitting there trying to help 3 kids at once and all of a sudden this cute little guy (probably 6 or 7) gets nearer to me and takes a big sniff and goes "wow, how come you smell so nice?", I go "awww thank you, its perfume" so he takes another sniff and inches even closer to me and goes "you really smell sooooo good, you're the nicest smelling girl I have ever met!!!"

:) now what could I say to that???

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

More Info

My mom, aunt, and I just came back from seeing my dad. The good news is that he is feeling alright and is acting like himself again. The bad news is that they found two growths on the left side of the brain and one growth, or white patch, on his liver. My dad had something like that on his liver about ten years ago which they were able to remove. Well it looks like it came back and might've spread to cause those 2 growths on his brain. A biopsy is scheduled for as soon as possible (for his liver) and he might need radiation for those other 2 things.

The docs said that my dad was really lucky. Most people who experience what he did get paralyzed in some parts of their body. Like I had said previously, it was a good thing that it happened at home when all of us were there.

Oh boy I just wish this wasn't happening but for the most part I am doing fine. As you can imagine it's hard to concentrate for school but I'm doing the best that I can. HUGS

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Keep in your thoughts

Hey all, please keep in your thoughts my father. Last evening my dad has some sort of a brain infarction or anniorism (not sure how to spell it). We thought it was a stroke. I had to call 911 and he had to be taken to the hospital..he was totally incoherent and confused.

He is doing much better today and is acting like himself but they found some sort of oddity in his brain and are still trying to figure out what it is..understandably. He has to have a biopsy among a lot of other is really scary but I'm SOO grateful that he was at home when it happened and not somewhere on the road. Since he had a temporary form of amnesia, I hate to think of what could've happened........

I will keep in touch on how he is doing but in the meantime.......please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. HUGS

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Coffee at....

Aww.. well I really meant to put up my charm but for some reason it doesn't work. It works when I copy and paste it while I'm writing my entry but once I hit save, it doesnt come out. So I did go out with Jason yesterday and we went to Brooklyn. I showed him where my great-grandmother moved to back in the 1900's which was the place my grandmother and father were born. Neat huh??? 3 generations of my family in that house which still exists!!! Afterwards we looked around the shops over there and I found myself a cute halter top for the summer :) Despite the rain, we managed to walk around a bit and got ourselves some coffee from their abundant coffee shops. It was this weird little place called Verb,lol....made up of students sleeping over notebooks, a woman reading an in depth music book, a guy talking endlessly on his cell phone, and a guy that was going in and out of this mysterious little back door,lol OH well! Until next time!!!


Saturday, February 4, 2006

Quiet Saturday

Hey, this is what I originally meant to put up...see my very pretty charm Shelly made for me...Thanks Shelly!!!

It's Saturday morning and I'm soo bored. I already did most of my reading and I still feel crummy. For the past few days I've been combating a cold that just seems to linger in one place (not getting better or worse).  My voice is also scratchy....I hate that! It also looks like it's going to rain any second now, yuck!

In other news it looks like I'll be adding two more days of work along with the 2 days that I am already working. One of the girls in my after school program is going to leave for softball tournaments and will disappear for a few months..instead of hiring another person I offered to take on those extra days. I could have started that earlier but I didn't know how my school work-load was going to be. So soon I'll be working from Mon-Thurs which is our schedule anyway. This will give me some extra money I can save for the Cape Cod trip later in May.

I'll probably see Jason today and I do hope I feel better!! I'll have to dress warmly and make sure we don't spend too much time outside. XOXO until next time everyone!