Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Writing about Writing

Came back from lab a couple of hours sleepy..

I found out that i'm doing really well in that class-Research Methods- which is great but the pressure is now stronger then ever to keep that grade up.

I have 1 more week of school left and there is still much to attend to!!

1. Do my paper for Physio. Psych that's about "The Notebook" and Alzheimer's. It's due Tuesday, argghhhhh

2. Do an extra credit paper in that same class about substance abuse. Thinking about doing "Ray"??? for Wed

3. Re-do my already "excellent" paper about Lady Audley's Secret and Matilda. My teacher has given our optional papers back and said I did a "great" job!! That's due in about 2 weeks :)

4. Do my second draft paper about William Carlos Williams' poem, "Spring and All". Ughh, i know he will grade me harshly..This is due on Tuesday.

So much, right before school is ending :(

But you needn't worry because I always get my sleep and eat right so this should all work out for me.

P.S. Just because my grammar or style here isn't always so great does NOT mean I'm a bad English student!! On the contrary I am actually a pretty good writer who just so happens to be lazy in her journal and who doesn't particularly care about style in her private place of various thoughts!! Just to clear that up for anyone!! :)


Monday, November 28, 2005

My Movie Reviews

I love this movie...

The Notebook

It's called The Notebook and I had a chance to see it for the second time over this past weekend and I just love it. I need to do a paper on a memory disorder and was given this as a choice. So a couple of weeks ago I had gotten this DVD and was able to watch it Friday.

What is especially cute, anyone who has seen this movie will agree, is that Ryan and Rachel are actually going out in real life. AWW..

I think she's a terrific actress and my favorite right now. In my opinion, this movie was better then the book although that is usually the other way around isn't it?

Great Great movie..

On a second note, we watched bits of Lady Audley's Secret in my English class today..

We have just finished reading Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret so it was interesting to see the differences between the text and the movie version. In this case however, I think the novel is way better then the movie. I think it's very rare to find a novel that fits exactly to the movie description. All the directors seem to want to put their spin on these things...I cannot believe Lady Audley has dark hair in this movie!!lol. It's a good read though if anyone is looking for an interesting and mysterious novel :)


Friday, November 25, 2005

Now..The Christmas music may begin

First and formost I would like to say that I hope everyone in J-land had a good and peaceful Thanksgiving!!

I realized this year that sometimes, things can get a little hectic,lol. Not that I'm complaining, oh no, but visiting two families can be more stressful then one! I went to my Aunt's yesterday and I felt largely comfortable in my not so large family,lol. Then afterwards, my boyfriend came over for a little bit for dessert. Great as it was, we had to leave for his family that were all awaiting us and wanting to finally meet me. There were at least 12 people there..phew..but I did manage to feel comfortable.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how a year ago I could never imagine this happening. But I guess this is sort of a rite of passage in coupledom,lol.

Now also, the Christmas music may begin....

I always find it a tad annoying that stations play their Christmas songs even before Thanksgiving!! Finally, I will rest my complaining about this. My fav time of the season is here!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharing is Caring

So the world's ugliest dog died today. Well I'll tell you one thing; I bet he never shared his doggie biscuits like my dog does. No ma'am, my dog Bengie will walk straight up to you with a milkbone in his mouth and will drop it at your feet until you pretend to eat it.

Today he came into my room while I was on the phone and dropped his golden nugget at my heal. The thing is, he won't even leave until he believes you have taken a part of it.

Reason? does he want to make sure its not poison, quite possibly but I believe it has to do with his HEART. He just loves to share :)

Starting today, I'm on vacation!! Got 2 papers to do and a load of other things that I will postpone till later and put on my "to do" list.

Ok who am I kidding?? lol Gonna probably start it tomorrow. ():)

Can't wait til tomorrow actually, cuz I'll be watching "The Notebook" and making Jay sit through it with me!!! :) It's for "educational" purposes and I'm not even kidding. In one of my classes, we have to watch a movie with some character having a memory disorder. In the movie, Allie (Rachel McAdams, love her) has one, but I won't mention it and give it away! Everyone should see it:)

I love love LOVE this movie and is the first DVD I bought. OK I admit that is sorta sad but I never had a DVD player :(. Now i have it on my computer but I won't need it anyway since I'll be going to Jay's house to watch it. Ready or not..

By the way, I had White Castle is scrumptious. Delicious, and yummy, and satisfying and......alright this sounds like a whole other thing,lol

I better go before I get too carried away with my adjectives!! Damn it now I'm hungry all over again!!! :)


Monday, November 21, 2005

This and That

Brown seems to be the color of the season right?

I really do hope my face clears up as soon as it can, preferably before Thanksgiving,lol. It is actually barely noticeable with makeup but the blotches are still there. Please, please go away and now I'm hoping that they are the strawberries because if they aren't then I really have no clue what started this.

I wanted to buy Coldplay tickets today from ticketmaster but they are doing this thing with auctions. What in the world? Why can't I just buy my two tickets and pick out my seats, that was my intention after all. So I went to ticketmaster and saw that prices start at $100!! Plus, you aren't even guaranteed a seat if someone bids higher then you!!

I only saw Coldplay once and that was at Clausfest and they only played a few songs. Damn...really wanted to see them again.

Besides that, its cold and we're waiting for rain here in NY. Perfect weather for snuggling up to a great book, right?? :)


Sunday, November 20, 2005

I woke up today with my entire face not looking like its supposed to. My first thought? allergic reaction. So I began thinking what it was that I ate over the past couple of days.



*cranberry juice/ white grape juice

I think those things did it and as a result i like like the color of this font :(. I really need to take those allergy tests so I can treat this better. Lets see, I won't have any of those things for a couple of days and see what happens.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Various events

Guess what Joanna got into? Psi Chi, thats what!!! No I did not learn a new language, Psi Chi is this huge honor society for Psychology. Both me and Jackie got in although I don't know how many others applied..YES, 2 honor societies in college under my belt.....uuurrrmm.. skirt :)

A lot going on, we are looking at open houses every weekend and so far we have found my cousin an appartment!! Yeah thats what we decided to do. We are going to keep our house and look for an apartment that one day may be mine :). Nothing grand, but 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is preferable. Well the 2 bedroom thing is a must. I'm so excited, I'm already thinking about what I wanna buy in IKEA, haha. Very huge project right now.

My english class is a torture. My professor ain't bad but his load of work is. Last week I handed in my THIRD draft of the same paper and but of course I got a B. I almost cried. I felt that bad. What did he decide to do in class today? Assign draft 1 for our next term paper!! All of this plus a crap load of other things to do. If I can only get through to Thanksgiving I will be very thankful indeed.

Speaking of, I need new tights for my skirt. Must buy, must buy, but when??

Am getting a haircut tomorrow and she is not sure if she will have time for hilites. It doesn't really matter since I can always go elsewhere.

Have a huge presentation tomorrow!! It is about Neuropsychology and in particular I will be talking about Visual Neglect. I had to make 32 copies 4 pages apiece for my class. I always get nervous in front of people, so wish me luck!

Is that it, I think that's it for now. Such a lovely day.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frito anyone?

Or an Oreo?

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. Jay, Monica and I went out to meet some of her friends in the city. One of them just happens to be her crush who possibly does not know it. Well anyway, last night he had brought a girl with him so as you can understand she was verry crushed.

We went to the NYIT(New York Institute of Technology) dorms so we could have a place to chill for the evening. Since Jay and I were the only non NYIT students there we had to wait in the late night chilly outdoors so someone could sign us in. after that we were quite comfortable.

The residents there were very nice to us and we were equipped with chips, cookies, sodas, and other various liquid substances, haha. To say the least, people were "friendly", at times, overly friendly towards one another. But when Monica's man and the other girl started in a midst of passion, feelings started to be involved. My poor friend Monica's heart was shattered. It was time to go

It took us a while but we finally got on the right train and looking back, I dunno how we got through it without any complaints. In Monica's obvious agony, words were shouted out that would make me squeemish. It was quite funny actually although her sobbing and yelling of profanity did not help our situation.

At the end of the night, all was quiet and half of which was remembered. Ahh well at least I can say there is but one man who was quite practical and reasonable and that was Jay. To the other guy, well he can bug off and leave Mon alone although I don't see that happening considering all 3 of them are in the same classes.

But hearts can mend right? Of course they can

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A thought to ponder

Today, I do not have much to say. Or maybe it is that I have a lot to say but feel the most natural to keep it inside. It is what I have always done, it is what I am the most comfortable doing. Do not ask me why cuz I really have no idea. Maybe it is upbringing or maybe it is just plain habit.

When I'm angry I just let it simmer inside of me. I have always felt that "grownups" had the right to be angry since they are the ones living the hard life: paying bills, having kids gone awry, becoming unemployed, worrying about what to cook, wondering why there is always laundry to be done, the "grownup" list goes on and on.

Now that I am no longer a child, I still hold those beliefs and I wonder why. I am just like everyone else but I feel guilty about complaining. This is ludicrous. The truth is that everyone experiences a hard life all in different forms. But the complexity stays the same. It is how you deal with it that matters and I chose to deal with it differently from all those "grownups" that I have encountered.

When I have a home of my own, worry about bills, take care of children, clean the house, I will act differently. I won't ever think "my problems are the worst" or "you're a child so I will treat you differently" or "I am greater then you beacause I am bigger"

No, being TIRED is BEING TIRED. This holds true for child and grownup alike. I won't let them be in control of me for the rest of my life.

Now they wonder why I am sad or quiet, lol. It is cuz I don't wanna be like them and complain about every little miniscule thing.

Sadly, and I hope this isn't wrong of me to say, but I think that I am smarter then they are about certain things so either way I am stuck in some kind of a hole.

Do I dare say something to them? Nope. It would crush their hearts and they wouldn't even understand anyway. Once again it will remain inside of me until one day when I am able to live independently from these people's overacting and tedious emotions.

Until then......



Saturday, November 5, 2005

A Free Moment

My Professor postponed our Physiological Psych. test from Monday to Wednesday and now I have some time to spare :)

If you read my previous blog, you know that I was obsessed with Bloomingdale's. So this past Friday I took my boyfriend in tow and went there. 2 hours later, and just when I was about to leave with not a single thing purchased, instinct told me to go back to this particular section once again.

I went back and lo and behold!! They had my size small cute black skirt that I had wanted all along but didn't have my size. Somehow, someone had put the only small size back on the rack and saved my day!!

No I am not normally that superficial but give me a break, I had a hard week (): )

And my weekend (which I am in the middle of now) is not much more lenient.

Until I got this terrific email from my Professor.

...Thanks Professor for allowing me some time for back to my work...

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Ahh Bloomingdales

So i went to the City today for what was supposed to be my eye doctor appointment. Since I'm considered a "Glaucoma suspect", it is essential that I see my Doc every 5-6 months just to keep things on the right track.

When I got there, I found out that my appointment was canceled :( It is not their fault since they did call about a week ago but my Aunt, who does not speak English, answered. We just thought that they were confirming my appoint. but in actuality, they wanted to tell me that my Doc was not coming in :( oweelll.

What did I do instead?? GO TO BLOOMINGDALE'S!!!

What paradise! I had to go to work so all I could do was look around but I saw some amazing things. Skirts, sweaters, jackets,etc etc. I saw these Michele watches that were gorgeous. I wonder how much they cost...I do need a watch and I want it to be a good one.Maybe for Christmas?

I was in such a happy mood that I decided I wanted to look pretty now!! lol. I put on my "reasonable" sized high heels (with no stocking) and went off. By the end of my day, I was in pain and limping from multiple blisters.

Actually, why did I ever think my day went well. My appointment was canceled, I had no money on me, and all I could do was window shop with no chance of getting anything.

Mhmm, I must go back again and I'm thinking Friday would be a great day to do it. Oh wish me luck on getting a fabulous skirt for Thanksgiving.

And a watch for Christmas...

And boots for the winter...

Okay I'm dreaming, but I'm allowed to!! :) *Ahhhhhhh*