Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!

It's my 21st birthday today and I just can't help but smiling. It's been a while since I've been this happy so nothing is taking this smile off my face!!lol

Jay took me out on a wonderful birthday lunch and I had a drink,haha. Not too much is planned today since I'm taking some friends and my boyfriend out on Saturday.

Unfortunately I have to study for a test tomorrow but its open book :) I'm just going to review my notes and familiarize myself with where everything is in my text. But even that won't take this huge grin off my face.....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking ahead

Some of my friends are already counting down to the last days of school. We finish May 1 this year!!! So early right? Then after that we just have finals but its the last day that counts :)

I had a very exciting day this past Sunday. My family went over to meet my boyfriend's family for the very first time. Ironically, I was not too nervous. What I was nervous about was my dad and how he would act. Fortunately, all went well. I wish we could stay longer but a few hours was all my dad could handle.

Speaking of my dad, we're afraid he's coming down with something since he's cold and has the chills. One of the ladies at work had told me that radiation took a huge toll on her and mentally exhausted her. I hope that this is just a side affect from that.

Also, my dad started to lose some of his hair today. My mom and I keep saying that it should be the least of his problems right now and to keep on looking ahead...

Other than that, school is hectic and I have meetings with advisors this week to discuss my upcoming schedule for school. I can't wait until it starts to get warm again. My neck is sick and tired from being covered by a scarf every day,lol.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My life is like vegetable soup

Each day is filled with various things that make each day unique..

March is just zooming by......or maybe its cause I'm getting older. Resgistration for my *senior* year in college is just around the corner. When did that happen?? I was looking at the list of course options for English and Psych and I'm realizing that I took practically everything. For some selfish reason (on my school's part), I still have to take 28 credits in order to graduate. BUTT there is no such thing as having even classes with 28 credits so I have to take 30. Most of these, (about 98%) will become fluff classes since I took/am taking the ones I need.

And I am also looking to make plans for my 21st birthday on March 29. The restaurant is already picked out and I think I will only invite a few of my closest friends.

Yesterday I handed in the complete application for that scholarship ~~crossing my fingers~~

My Dad is still continuing to experience some bad side affects from his medications. Every night, after taking his sleeping pill and steroids, he becomes incoherent, forgetful, and gets obnoxious at times. A lot of people don't understand the severity of his condition and don't know that someone has to be with him at all times. Every night, I have to put my dad to sleep and make sure he does not fall on his way there. I have to make sure he takes his medication and goes to bed at 10, not later. They don't know that I can't wait until 10 each night cause then I don't have to worry about my dad standing in the dark not realizing that he has to put the light switch on. It's okay though because these are things I can handle. I still rather live here amongst all this chaos then be someplace else just wondering.

As you can see I try to mix all my different thoughts. Thanks again for reading and for your precious comments. For my J-land friends out there: Really sorry for not commenting enough on your interesting entries and I feel neglectful. Rest assured, I do try to read as many as possible!!! :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunny Day

Thanks Dianna for making me this beautiful Irish it!

Today its gorgeous outside with temperatures in the 60's. A few hours ago my dad and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and I've been watching some TV and doing homework in between. There's this paper I've been working on for the last couple of days and it's on the Wordsworth poem, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood". So I selected a particular section of the poem and had to close analyze it. I just hope my length is good enough- it has to be at least 3 pages long.....not too bad of an assignment which is good news :)

Other than that nothing big has been happening and my Spring Break is soon to be over. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Wooow With the news of Dana Reeve, I am continuously freaked out. So many people are dying from cancer and specifically lung cancer. This is a woman who didnt even smoke and look what happened to her. I just feel so sad for her young son who had to live through his fathers suffering and death and now his mothers. What kind of a world do we live in where this happens to the best of us?

My mom, dad and I went to the hospital today to meet with his new radiology doctor. He is the first one who was able to console us all the while being honest. He said that its serious and radiation had to be started right away. This is one thing we are happy about and my father is relieved that things started today. So are we all...

Even though I'm on Spring Break, I am just tired and dont feel like doing anything. I think I'll go have a snack and rest and watch some TV. Hugsss

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Movie Night

It was a good day today. My mom and I went to Macy's today (the one in the City) and I bought myself 2 blouses and shoes. We were worried since we didnt want to leave my dad alone for too long but we made him have the phone by his bed and called him twice. He said he just wanted us home :)

I couldve gone alone today but there's this sicko killer out there in the NYC area and I felt queesy about going alone. And there was no way my parents would let me go out like that even though if was 2 in the afternoon. I really do hope they find this bastard soon.

So now I am chilling at home and relaxing. I have my evening all set up so that I can watch Pride and Prejudice which I just bought on DVD!!!! I am so excited since I've heard rave reviews and I am currently reading the novel for one of my classes. Sometimes I just love a Saturday night all too myself and do not mind that my boyfriend is having a show tonight!!! lol

Thursday, March 2, 2006

I'm laying it down

I think it's funny that I had mentioned Spring Break in my previous entry since Mother Nature decided to give us some snow, ice and slush to start March off! lol It's payback time for January I guess...

So I watched American Idol last night and for some reason I feel like I watched the same people already. There are some good ones though and I like that last guy who sang that rock song. It's a great song. Otherwise, I'm not sure. I tend to get into it when there are like 10 people left and its then that I start voting...Can't wait to see who gets knocked out tonight :)

I have to do my scholarship application soon;;maybe tomorrow?? One of the parts is writing a recommendation for myself as if someone else is writing about me. Who knows? Maybe I'll get some money for senior year, that would work out great considering all the bills that are gonna go for Dad's radiation and chemo. Crossing my fingers but I'm honestly not hyping myself up over anything. If it happens then it happens.

Ever since Feb 6, when this fiasco started happening I've been having crazy moodswings. Overall I feel as if I am being cheated out. Sometimes I feel optimistic about everything but other times I do feel in my heart that this won't work out. The way I see this is that cancer is a death sentence. If chemo/radiation fails, then there is no way someone can survive lung and brain cancer. Like my friend Dana told me one time, whenever something like this strikes you, you feel like its a unique situation no matter how often it strikes other people. I feel consoled though that there are people I can talk to about this, especially at my work. Those two women make my day, every day, easier. Not to mention writing in my journal since I have such great friends here as well!!!!

Now it's getting very cold so I'm going back upstairs and do some more hw. HUGSS