Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Good Time

I love my weekends now. I remember times during my first year in college where I felt completely alone. My friends from hs were too busy to hang out or even speak to me on the phone. School was my only social event and though I did meet people and were friendly with them, our friendships never lasted longer then 1 semester. I felt bummed. As you can imagine my weekends stunk even more. I had an off and on relationship (with an ex) and plans were always canceled at the last minute. Even my best friend had her own love relationships and was too busy to see what was up with me.

The only one good benefit from this all? I did great in school. School was the only thing that kept me busy and I drowned in my work. I made the deans list which led to a dinner with all of my fellow honor-roll classmates and President of my University.

I have to say that all the negativity changed in my second year when I met Jay almost a year and a half ago-although my grades continue to stay the same :). Through him I meet all kinds of friends, go to all kinds of places, and learn so many new things! A year and a half later, I am lonely no more and my self confidence is getting higher. I am no longer friends with those people who never had the time for me and because of them I know which way NOT to act.

I learned that I have to put people first and everything else second since I may be the most successful person in the world but if I don't have anyone standing next to me then it won't be worth anything. So I always make time for people, no matter how busy I am during the day. I just wished my friends had done this when I needed them 2 years ago! Ohwell, you live and you learn.

So this past weekend I had the chance to see Jay's band perform at a bar/restaurant called the Blarney Stone in NYC. It is right across the street from Madison Square Garden for those of you that know. They played well! They are a local punk rock band that are in it for the fun. Jason took one sole picture of me which is the one that you see.

As you can see I had a good time...finally :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Feeling the the present moment :)

Last semester was filled with a lot of researching and this time my days are filled with reading. I'm in the middle of reading at least 4 books for different classes and this can get confusing. Why did I pick English as a minor again?? Nah I actually usually enjoy it and think that it is better than a lot of other subjects out there. I think that its funny since I forgot simple math rules that I keep bumping into in my after school program yet understand different theory concepts and the significance of empiricism and how that relates to each and every one of us that is interested in truth! Pheww

I try to think that I already know what I want to do with my life and my only quest is to "discover" it. Thinking this way helps me to believe that my aim in this world has already been set forth and I simply need to uncover it with the tools life has given me. There is no use being confused about ones direction because we already are on one! I believe that if we work really hard on whats best for us at the present then that is already one of the tools we need for fulfillment. A very philosophical inquiry is it not?? lol

My 3 semesters of Philosophy has been to some use at least :)

Other than philosophizing about days events, I am counting the days to February. Hopefully the month will come quickly and bring some joy into mine,my family's, and my friends lives. It is always this time of year where things tend to feel crummy. My hope is that February will still contain some of the lightheartedness of January but bring forth hints of spring-like illusions as well- illusions since February is no substitute of the months of spring-yet no one minds when its 65 degrees outside :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tag, I'm It

Tagged!! Yes, let me try this

50 things you might not know about me -- erase my answers and put in your own, then repost in your own journal.  Make sure you tag 3 people to join in. Post their links & let them know they've been tagged.... HAVE FUN!!

1. What is your middle name?  I don't have one :(

2. What size is your bed? twin 

3. What are you listening to? "What it takes" by Aerosmith

4. What are the last two digits in your phone number? 41

5.  What was the last thing you ate? chicken noodle soup, a family Sunday tradition

6.  Last person you hugged? my mom

7.  How is the weather right now? mild weather for NY 

8.  Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Jason!!

9.  The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? their mood

10.  Do you have a bf/gf/spouse/sig other? boyfriend

12.  Do you drink?  sometimes

13.  Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? no

14.  Hair color?  dirty blonde

15.  Eye color? blue/green with a hint of yellow

16.  Fav baseball team? gotta go with my Daddy and say the Mets 

17.  Fav animal? puppy

18.  Favorite season? summer 

19.  Ever cried for no reason? yes, I'm female aren't I?

20.  Last movie you watched? oh boy, The Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen

29.  What book are you reading? The Iliad by Homer, help me!! lol 

30.  Piercings? 2 in each ear 

31.  Favorite movie? jeez, not an avid movie watcher, but I like the classics and some new ones 

32.  Favorite college team? St. John's Red Storm

33.  What are you doing right now? instant messaging 

34.  Any pets? yes

35.  Dog or cat? dog and bird 

36.  Favorite flower? I'm not picky, lily of the valley and the rose 

37.  Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to? probably 

38.  Have you ever loved someone? yess

39.  Who would you like to see right now? my new baby cousin

40.  Are you stillfriends with your ex's? why would I want to be 

41.  Have you ever fired a gun? no

42.  Do you like to travel by plane? no, but it's the quickest way to travel 

43.  Right or left handed? right 

44.  If you could be with someone right now, who would it be?  Jay

45.  How many pillows do you sleep with? 1 

46.  Are you missing someone? mhmm

47.  Do you have a tattoo? no

48.  Do you watch cartoons on Saturday morning? I used to when I was little, I loved Tweety 

49.  Are you hiding something from someone? no

50.  Do you play an instrument? no

Now who can I tag....I don't have a big list so whomever wants to!!!! :) 

Friday, January 20, 2006

Back on Track

I am back on track and on schedule. School started Wednesday. I had been dreading January 18 throughout my wonderful break but the night before, I actually accepted what was coming,lol. I figure the faster I start, the faster I will finish. Firstly, I was tired of not doing anything and wanted to once again have a schedule. I also wasn't nervous as I was all my previous semesters. It may seem funny but I figured that if I can go through jury duty, be interviewed, and actually sit through a case and decide its outcome, then this was nothing! :)

I'm taking 15 credits and it seems like an easier load then last semester. I hope I don't have to eat my words later since I had just started reading Homer's Iliad. Arrghhh its sorta scary.

But do you know what helps me to relax after my studious hours are over? Watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. I love watching all the embarrassing auditions but I must say that after 4 seasons, the 5th is sorta boring. Everything has been done and they should come up with new ideas! But thats my opinion. Dancing with the Stars is more enjoyable to watch since I A)love to dance and B)am intrigued at how those girls can move those legs. I wanna do that...

So that was my week and I'm happy its Friday. Can't wait to go outside again and enjoy our mild weather here in NYC :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Someone was desperate for change

As I had mentioned in my previous entry, last Friday my friend Monica and I went out dancing. Actually we had invited a lot of our other female friends and not one of them came. One friend in particular said she would "definitely" come and at the last minute said she wasn't able to. Whats up with that? I've never really had much luck with female friends and to this day I only have a select few that I regard as "true" friends. It also seems that having a serious boyfriend, a lot of other people seem to fade out. Although I would never trade my relationship with Jay for anything it seems that there is a trade such that if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, one tends to lose friends who are single or people that you associated with "just cause". I came to the conclusion that I know now who my true friends are since I met Jay.

So that Friday night after dancing, Jay came to pick us up to go to a nearby bar/restaurant where a ton of people that I havent seen in a while would be. We stayed there a couple of hours and then went next day I was changing things from one of my pocketbooks to the next when I realized my wallet was missing!!! I quickly panicked and realized that someone had probably stolen it the night before. I was going to hang out with Jay so he quickly came and we rushed back to the place hoping someone had found it and nothing was taken (wallet included everything from my school ID, credit card, some cash, etc etc...everything!!)

Luckily they had my wallet but all the cash and change(who would take change?!!!!) was gone! Being the sensitive me I had broken down and couldnt calm down for a long while. I felt stupid that I had left my purse near our jackets at the table and that the incident had probably happened then. THANKFULLY, everything else was still there but I'm never leaving my purse again. I just hope that I can go back to the place without feeling angry and violated.

And it was Friday the 13th..

Friday, January 13, 2006


Jury duty was a blast. In total I spent 3 days in court and give me the chance again and I would love it! Although we reached a decision and that was not to give any liability, I felt bad that I couldn't go back the next day,lol. It was a wonderful experience for me though.

Jay's birthday is on Sunday and I need to buy something cute to wear :) Today however, I think its gonna be a girls night out with with best friend Monica and our friend Jess. I think we're gonna go back to our club from New Year's Eve since that was a pretty place. And if you go before 10:30 PM< you get free admission :) I might go get a manicure too so that way I will look nice both today and on Jay's birthday.

Monday, January 9, 2006

All rise

Hello everyone, I am still enjoying my vacation from school. Today, finally, was a little bump into reality where I got to be a grownup and go to my first ever jury duty. After waking up early they called me to a panel by 11am. Afterwards, a group of about 20 of us packed into a tiny room where the defendant and plaintiff were there. First a random 6 people were interviewed whereas only 3 were chosen to be on the case. Then they needed 3 more jurors and 2 alternates.

This is only a civil case so there are only 6 jurors plus alternates. Then, I was chosen as the 5th juror!!! I have to go to court tomorrow and hopefully the case will start. I was told that this personal injury case will only last at the most of about 4 days. Plenty of time for me to enjoy the last days of vacation and sleep in!!! I'm excited about tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Clink Clink

Happy New Years!

A toast to health, happiness, and prosperity *clink clink*

For me New Years Eve was filled with "all" different emotions. I was excited, nervous and happy. There were also moments that I wanted to hurt both my boyfriend and best friend ():)

When we got to the club, everything was great. Then...Jason wanted me to dance with him and I didn't want to at first cause there were only like 2 people on the dance floor and I'm the kind of person who needs to warm up at the beginning. Nevertheless, Jay got reallllllyyyy upset that I didn't want to dance with him,lol (we never did prior to that moment). Finally Monica pulled me to the dance floor and I slowly got into it. When I turned around, Jason wasn't there!!!! After dancing for a while I finally decided to look for him since buying the beer or using the bathroom doesnt take that long!!!!

So now I'm super upset because I cannot believe that he would leave over something like that. We go to coat check and finally go back to his car where he actually is. After apologizing for not wanting to dance with him, I cajole him back to the club where things are great for about an hour. We had our midnight kiss and I was thankful that for that moment at midnight things were okay.

Then, like many girls experience, my feet started to hurt. I wanted to sit down but Jay got upset that I didn't want to dance with him some more,lol. Boysss (sighh). So I sat by myself while he stood several feet away from me. He refused to sit next to me,lol. Eventually we left...

So I had both a great and awful night. I think the pressure to have fun just killed it. But by looking at the photos, you can tell that I did have some fun moments(and it was before the drama took place btw). And I never danced with Jay, so it was sorta awkward. But we need to go again because it was such an awesome club. And we need the practice. Next time will be much better, I hope.

Ironically the next day, New Years Day, we had a great time! Jay came over for dinner and then I went to his house for dessert. New Years Day was muccchhh better then the night before,lol. I dunno why that happens, but you know I'm still young and on the dance floor, I just feel more free lol Sometimes you wanna dance with your girlfriend, you know? And when I dance I don't like talking, especially having to answer questions of why I don't wanna dance. It's supposed to be a carefree time. Owelll, that night is over now :)

Until next time..