Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1 Year

Didn't quite allow myself to think about today, today. To think that a year ago was the worst day of my life does not seem real. Am I allowing myself to feel? I think I am. Don't know what I was expecting but I feel differently. It's scaring me a little but I'm not thinking, I'm not thinking, I'm not thinking.....

Bought a knee-length "puffer" jacket that looks really good on me. Jay and my mom love it :)

*not thinking, not thinking*

I tutored both of my girls today. One was more receptive then the other..owell...

Mom made some delicious food that will be our supper for the next few days. YUM

*thinking* RIP I love you daddy where you are, save a place for me but take your timeeee! Be my angel and guide me through. xoxoxo

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Shopping, excellent therapy!! : )  Thinking about you.  love, Shelly