Monday, January 14, 2008


Depression and Loneliness visited me tonight along with their children: Envy, Anger, and Helplessness.

Depression: Knock, knock, we'reeeee back.
Me: No! Go away. Today was a good day and I've been so good, why do you have to come tonight?
Loneliness: Awww. Don't you remember that you have no one but us? We can sit with you, play with your mind, and tuck you in goodnight!
Me: Wellll. You are right. I am alone right now. Why don't you come in? *sigh*
Envy: YAY! Oh don't you just wish you were like some other people. You don't have this and I know you definitely want that. How wonderful having that must be! Right Ma?
Loneliness: Thats right hun. Joanna dear, you need us right now. We are all you have left.
Depression: Baby, remind Joanna of that time in which work didn't go right, school sucked, and nothing was on T.V!
Anger: So and so didn't call. Remember, remember?
Helplessness: Anger, stop that! Don't you know Joanna can't help whats going on in her life right now. Shut up, she is only a human being.
Me: You know what Mr. and Mrs. Depression and Loneliness, you and your children can get the hell out and leave me alone for tonight. I can tuck myself in and don't need you for company. Leave me alone for at least this night.
Depression, Loneliness, Envy, Anger, and Helplessness (in unison): Alrighttt! We will be back when you least expect us!!!!!

Something to make me feel better tonight :)

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This is cute.