Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Finally Spring

So I just realized that an assignment I thought was due today, is actually due next week! I love it when that happens. It's a good thing anyway since I'll be extra busy this weekend. My birthday is this Sat and I am having a small party (I'll be 23). On Sunday, I am meeting a friend from college who I haven't seen in over a year. We'll be going to dinner with our boyfriends so I'm expecting a nice evening.

Next week, I'm planning on calling schools for a practicum I have to take next semester. It is just like an internship except it will be for 100 hours. I still have to take two internships that will be 300 hours each! I'm not looking forward to that long semester because I'm planning on being a full time student and hold my part-time position as well. As long as I find schools, I will be happy!

It seems that when I get to this time of the year, things always manage to look up. I'm planning a short trip to the Bahamas in July. My boyfriend is going to reserve the hotel since my mom and I are planning on using the credit card for many things in April and I just don't want to overuse it. I need a vacation!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and had a good Easter :)

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