Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maggie and Tomek's Wedding

On Sat June 28, 2008, I went to my friend's wedding with my boyfriend, mom, best friend, and her date! It was truly a blast. We went to the church ceremony first at 2 PM and then the reception started at 5 PM. The reception hall is called Waters Edge and is across the harbor from NYC. As you can imagine, the space had windows all around it and as evening was turning into night, the view was magnificent.

My cousin had his reception here in 2005 and since then, this has been my favorite hall. Will I get married here as well? Who knows :)

Maggie and Tomek knew each other for around 5 years and even though she is 23 like me, they do seem very much in love. I have known Maggie since the second grade and consider her to be a good friend even though we have not been as close since college. Nevertheless, I wouldn't miss this for the world and I hope she'll do the same for me when my time comes.

The band and DJ were great and it was an all-time Polish wedding! I danced my heart out!! Afterwards, at midnight, we went on the yacht around the city (just like at the bridal shower). It was certainly a night to remember. I took plenty of pictures and I'm posting some of them here for you to see.

Congratulations Maggie and Tomek! Best wishes to you!!

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding!! Congrats to the new couple and great pics!!  : )  Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July Joanna!!  Love, Shelly