Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Vacation

My third year of college is over!! I finished all that I had to and took all of my finals so I should be stress free for a good 3 months :)

Did I mention here that I'm going to Cape Cod for a week from May 20- 27th? I don't think I did, but in any case, that's where I'm heading. I had asked a couple of my friends if they had wanted to go and they said no! Can you believe that. I mean the trip is on me, since we have a time share, so no one would have to pitch in for anything. So it turns out that it will only be Jason and I which I guess is a good thing. We're both very dependable and responsible and should have a good time. My plan is to go to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Plymouth Rock possibly? I have a few more places that slipped from memory. I'm looking forward to it!

I have a really funny story to tell that happened at work on Monday. I work in an after-school program and on this particular day, I was helping a boy who is in the 5th grade. Now this little guy is really smart and he started to ask me a bunch of questions about college. He asked me what I'm studying, if I'm on the principle's list like he is (lol I told him I'm on the Dean's list which is very similar), what classes I'm taking and he even asked me to explain what "Psychology" is.

So finally after I'm done with all of that the boy asks me what I'm planning on doing with my degree. Well I tell him I might be planning on becoming a school counselor.

You know what his reaction was?

"That's it???? You're going through all of these years of school just for that?? Well 'I' want to become a lawyer, at least they make a lot of money"

lol can you believe this little smart as....

Ah well, I love the kid anyway and don't worry I didn't let him get away with it. After I told him lawyers have a to do a loooott of reading (and the kid hates to read), he quickly changed his mind :)


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