Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fill it in

Hi friends, I realize I have not written in a while so here is something to read about me in case you might not know :)
I Am  Joanna. I'm smart and intelligent- double major in Psychology and English. Thisalso means I can analyze you AND pick apart your language in bits, haha
I Want to win the lottery
I Have a dog named Bengie who is overweight and lazy but the best dog in my world :) Oh yes and an apartment!!!!!
I Wish my family lived close to me
I Hate the cold, not sleeping, doing chores
I Fear bugs. yuckk
I Hear music from channel 13-WNET
I Search for the truth!
I Wonder if the Mets will win the World Series
I Regret not joining enough clubs, sports, etc when I was younger
I Love my family, boyfriend, friends, pets, books, and cell phone
I Ache not now thankfully
I Always have time for people
I Usually am very responsible and considerate 
I Am Not who you think I am...
I Dance with my girlfriends :)
I Sing rarely
I Never curse out loud ():)
I Rarely drive, it's a pain in my butt 
I Cry easily
I Forgive if its a proactive apology- meaning there has to be a change. I usually forgive always but forget hardly
I'm Confused about my dads future :(
I Need lots of reassurance since I can never make up my mind,lol
I Should trust myself more
I realize that life is hard but worth living

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xxroxymamaxx said...

I like your answers.  So good to hear from you!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly