Thursday, July 20, 2006

This and that

The Giant has jumped off me.

Now that I took my GRE (for Grad school), I feel like I can fully enjoy my summer without it nagging me. The office that I took the test in was very strict...I wasn't even allowed to take my sweater off. The man said "once you out it on, it has to stay on!" lol. I didn't mind, I was pretty much comfortable.

I have to point this out.

Another war? C'mon. I mean sometimes I understand it. I think that if someone hurts your son or daughter, you would definitely want to fight back and you wouldn't all of a sudden think "peace." I still don't get exactly wants going on between Israel and the other nations but it seems to have come all of a sudden. I know I might be wrong but I don't know what to think. If we look at the beginning of time, war has been going on forever so I really doubt there will be complete peace one day..

I'm enjoying this rainy, windy weather we have for now- gives a break from the summer heat wave. I just hope it doesn't rain on my Mets game tomorrow night!!

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xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and got that big test out of the way.  I know that takes a load off.  Have a great weekend.  And I'm still praying for your dad and your family.  GBU, Shelly