Monday, February 26, 2007

What I think about the entire Anna Nicole Smith fiasco

What a sad case. Yet I can't keep my eyes and ears off the television screen whenever I hear any new developments. When my boyfriend texted me that she had died, I was in shock. Then I wasn't all that surprised. She was a person who had so much going for her, yet she didn't know what to do with herself. She probably spiraled into depression when her son died, but what about that baby girl?

Drugs: Anna made the mistake of allowing her son to drop out of school and take drugs. I know, I know, she probably thought "who am I to tell him not to take them when I do it as well?" That's the problem and she let it get way out of hand. Her son Daniel most probably overdosed and mixed his prescription medication with something else and that's sad. The poor boy had a whacko for a mother, he had no chance in that kind of an environment..

Paternity: There are so many men saying they are Dannielyn's father its crazy. Personally, I think Larry Birkhead is the father and I hope he is. He seems to be the most sane out of all of those nuts. Although money is one of the primary motives here, the baby needs a father, her biological father, and needs to have a normal life. Who knows? Maybe its a good thing that it happened this way because what kind of a mother was Anna? Although I never knew her and I'm sure that she was nice, Anna was already too far gone, especially after her son died.

My hopes: If Larry turns out to be the biological father of Dannielyn then I do hope he takes responsibility and raises his daughter right. If he is not the father then I pray that whoever he is, he takes the title of "dad" seriously.

Remember, Anna Nicole Smith was a regular woman who just happened to get famous--and not because she found a cure for something or did any kind of good. People really need to settle this matter finally. In any case, I am helplessly interested in what happens to this young girl. I'm curious to see what happens...

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