Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I didn't want to come back home, back to the foundation of so much sadness. In Florida, Jay and I hit many of the major theme parks but my trip was more cathartic for me. When I came home, home seemed to be a better and more easier place to live. I can say that I'm happier now then I have been. Still, I can't manage to make out my thoughts into sentences.

when i am old and can't get out of bed
i will think about my life instead.
where it has led me, where i have been
all of the places that result in this grin.

i will think about the first love, second love, who knows if there will be a third?
hoping that after all these years they realize the love i have bestowed.

rude bosses, misgivings, mommy 'im afraid of the dark'
i will take these things with
goodnight kisses, sleeping babies, and sweet strolls in the park

simple life as this simple poem goes
i hope that by then i will still have ten working hands and toes!

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xxroxymamaxx said...

: )  I never wanna come home from vacation but yes, home sweet home! Love, Shelly