Monday, June 4, 2007

S U M M E R  S U R V E Y

Pool OR Jacuzzi : pool
Ocean OR Pool : ocean
Ice cream OR popsicles : ice cream
Lemonade OR iced tea: iced tea
Tennis shoes OR flip flops: Flip Flops
Fans OR Air conditioning : fans
Sprinklers OR slip n slide : Sprinklers
Water Balloon fight OR Water gun fight : Water gun

Y O U R  F A V O R I T E  S U M M E R . . .

Drink :  Pina Colada, fruity drinks
Food :  barbecue
Song :  summer in the city by the lovin spoonfuls, summer of '69, kokomo, boys of summer (can't just pick one)
Hang out : apartment
Camp:  not a big fan
Holiday : 4th of july
Vacation: Anyplace warm

L A S T  S U M M E R :

Where did you go :  Cape Cod
Who did you hang with? boyfriend
Did you do anything illegal :  No
Did you go to a concert? No
What was your best memory : Nantucket


T H I S  S U M M E R :

Where are you going : Orlando!!!
Name five things you're most looking forward to this summer :

1.     Going on vacation
2.     hanging out with boyfriend/friends
3.     trips at summer camp
4.     going to the beach
5.     having a great tan before school starts again

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