Thursday, August 25, 2005

Time for a Change

Another journal!! My I am giving everything a chance this year. First I updated my thefacebook profile and started a Xanga journal that you can check out here:

Then I was influenced to get myspace that you can also check :

And now I am doing this thing. I guess I was frustrated with Xanga since no one ever commented, lol. I think a part of me doing this is because I have been reading a lot of AOL journals lately; have been for a loong time. I guess because I have AOL I feel that I should use this opportunity up. I have always felt that no one cared and so I have kept thoughts to myself but I am, *learning to realize* that opening up is a good thing.

If I ever do become a Psychologist I would need to believe in my clients and would want them to open up to me so I guess this is practice. Plus it is fun to talk about myself I can't lie, lol. So I'm going to rant, I'm going to rave, I'm going to complain, and I might brag and I don't care!!! It's my journal people and I can do whatever I like hehehe




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