Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Inching closer

~~~I am a few feet away from home plate!!!~~~

Just one more day of school and I'm free until Jan 18!!! It's been the longest semester thus far, maybe it's because of my heavy workload? I took 18 credits one semester but it wasn't like this one,no way. Enough babbling about that..

I really want to see King Kong this weekend. I haven't seen a movie in a long time and i don't wanna spend $10 on just any mediocre film. Although I've heard mixed reviews (more good then bad) I think its a perfect movie, nothing that good has been playing anyway. Can't believe it didn't get any Oscar nominations!! Those people in Hollywood, they are something else,lol.

Yesterday was a real emotional day for me. Why is it that before the holidays, some things just get on the overload. I think I really need this break. Although..............I'll be going to work 4 days a week at my after school program during my vacation and i got a jury summons today. I have to call them Jan 6 they say. If they need me before school starts then thats okay but after that, I don't know. Secretly though, I have always wanted to get a summons and be on a trial. Having that feeling of importance that you are part of law and are changing something is great I think. Thats later though, right now they should let me be a student,lol

Doesn't it seem like Christmas is coming soo very fast this year? Maybe I'm just busy but I feel that when I was younger I had to wait foreverrr. Now its already next week. Wow..

I'm happy to announce that I finally have New Year's Eve plans!! A few of us, my boyfriend, best friend, her possible date, and myself are going to a club!! They're gonna have music, food, and dancing. 3 wonderful things!! I already have a cute black mini skirt to wear, weather permitting, and my boots. I still need a cute shirt and I'm finished. Now on to figuring out what Jay is going to Nah I think he already knows, I told him something fancy, sorta flashy( no plain black and white attire!!!) but just to be himself. ~Can't wait~

That's it for now folks, :)


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