Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Christmas

Busy Busy Weekend :)

We had company over 3 days straight-Christmas Eve (which is totally big in our Polish household), Christmas Day, and Monday. 3 days of people coming over, I wish I had a break,lol. It would've been nice to go to some one elses house for a change and I didn't even cook! I bet my mom and aunt who did all the cooking wish the same thing. But it was really worth it and I had a great time spent with family and friends.

New Years Eve is coming up and my best friend Monica and I really need to get our tickets for that club pretty soon. We went there last night and the place was closed. It was odd since when Monica called, the answering machine had said that they open at 5. They didn't mention anything about them being closed that day. Since monday was still a national holiday, I get that they closed, just wished they could have said so on the phone!

Nevertheless, I feel very bad for Monica since so many guys have said "no" or made up excuses to not go with her. Since I'm going with my boyfriend, it would be nice if she had someone to go with as well. she said that maybe she'll find someone at the club when we go, or at least find someone to dance with. I really really hope things work out for her. I do still need to get a nice tank top or any fancy top that will go great with my short black skirt I have. And I am pondering whether or not to A. get my nails done, and/or B. get my hair done in light curls or waves. I can always do both at home so I'm thinking thats what I can do...I hate wasting money!!!

I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Christmas!!! It was wonderful to read and check up on everyones journal and see how their holiday went :)

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Glad you had a good Christmas with family and friends.  Have fun going out. I'm jealous! lol Not sure what we are doing yet, but I have a super cute outfit to wear whatever it is!! lol.  GBU, Shelly