Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year in Review

Another wonderful graphic by the talented xxroxymamaxx, lol

So I'm sitting here thinking of an interesting entry and I thought about writing about my past year in 2005. I'm reminiscing about all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lol yeah there was some ugly as well. So lets see...

Last New Years Eve I went to a house party of a girl that I'm not really that close with. I felt sorta uncomfortable and strange since no one would talk to us (me and Monica). But it was something to do and better than sitting at home right? This year I have something much better planned and that is to go to an actual club, yippeyyy

One of the most vivid memories in my mind was the death of John Paul 11 who was our one and only Polish Pope. I remember the anticipation of his death, the news broadcasts from practically all the stations, the actually funeral, the tears, the support from all of his followers, the hundreds of flags, and me waking up early that april morning to actually witness watching the entire procession, live. He was actually a guest priest at my local church sometime in the 60's....way before I was born...and way before he was Pope. I think he was only a priest then. Neat right??

Then I remember my Aunt coming here, not knowing then when she would return back to Poland. She came in May and has helped out out a loooot. She cooks, cleans, works, and is simply just there for us. I'm not saying this is a perfect situation. In fact I feel like I have no say in my house sometimes, but i know that it is not a permanent situation and is the right thing for right now. You see, her family, my cousins, are extremely poor and this is the only way to make ends meet right now for them.

Luckily, with my aunt here to watch our pets, my parents and I were able to go to Europe for 3 weeks. We went to Spain and Poland in early June and had a great time. I missed my boyfriend terribly though but absence makes the heart grow fonder and its true!! It did..

So I started school, my junior year, and acedemically, I did really well thus far. I worked my butt off and now I am able to relax for a while until school starts again. If my math is correct, I actually think I may be able to finish a semester early!!!!! I took all of my necessary classes and only actually have like 5 more to go!!! I shall see...

I got into my honor society, am working at my after school program and have a few terrific friends. Who needs more??I am still seeing my boyfriend of 14 months and I actually seem to get along with his mom!!! Thank goodness,lol

All of that is the "good". The "bad" is being lonely, feeling left out and just a bunch of feelings that I feel every so often. I guess its more of me pressuring myself since so many members of my family have done some crazy things and I feel that I am my family's only hope,lol. Sometimes I feel my happiness is not shared by many since people have other problems in their lives. I also feel like many of these problems would subside if I had a place of my own. Then, coming back home would be exciting again and there would be things to talk about. I feel like I have a different way of doing and thinking about things so it gets frustrating.

The ugly is when my face decides to do its own thing. Or when my allergies get out of control and I don't even know what the cause of it is sometimes. Gotta make that doctor visit and maybe get some allergy shots to get these answers. That's for 2006 ():)

So that is my year in review :) In a nutshell, it was a really good year but I do gotta work on certain things and pray to God that other people work on their faults as well,lol. Thanks for reading, I do believe this was my longest entry yet :)

And if I don't write by Sat, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!!!! May it be peaceful and happy filled with love!!




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xxroxymamaxx said...

Great review!  Made me get to thinking about my year in review.  hmmm.  lol  Have fun at the club and have a super fantastic New Year!  I'll probably go to my in-laws and eat black eyed peas and rice .....supposed to be good luck and bring you peace, prosperity, and and ...something else...I forget.  lol  GBU, Shelly