Monday, July 10, 2006

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

I've gotten lazy this lazy, and I don't know why. I try going outside at least once a day and walk around or something to get excercise. Next week I have a GRE which is an exam for graduate school ~scary face~ and I just know I won't do so hot,lol. Ohwell

My Dad is hanging on although he seems to be confused. That might be his brain tumors playing tricks on him. It also turns out that the cancer had also spread to his knee and he had dual radiation for shoulder and knee for about a week and a half. If results turn out okay from this, then he'll be able to restart the chemo for the doesn't end but so doesn't our prayers.

Since its summer I hang out with my friends and boyfriend a lot which is always great and a mind booster. Last Sat, my girlfriend Monica and I went to this Polish club and danced with our other friends who met us there. I loveddd itt but my feet hated me afterwards. It doesn't matter, dancing with heels makes me feel sexy :)

My Mets are doing great this year, so a high five to all my fellow Met fans!!!!!

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