Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Clink Clink

Happy New Years!

A toast to health, happiness, and prosperity *clink clink*

For me New Years Eve was filled with "all" different emotions. I was excited, nervous and happy. There were also moments that I wanted to hurt both my boyfriend and best friend ():)

When we got to the club, everything was great. Then...Jason wanted me to dance with him and I didn't want to at first cause there were only like 2 people on the dance floor and I'm the kind of person who needs to warm up at the beginning. Nevertheless, Jay got reallllllyyyy upset that I didn't want to dance with him,lol (we never did prior to that moment). Finally Monica pulled me to the dance floor and I slowly got into it. When I turned around, Jason wasn't there!!!! After dancing for a while I finally decided to look for him since buying the beer or using the bathroom doesnt take that long!!!!

So now I'm super upset because I cannot believe that he would leave over something like that. We go to coat check and finally go back to his car where he actually is. After apologizing for not wanting to dance with him, I cajole him back to the club where things are great for about an hour. We had our midnight kiss and I was thankful that for that moment at midnight things were okay.

Then, like many girls experience, my feet started to hurt. I wanted to sit down but Jay got upset that I didn't want to dance with him some more,lol. Boysss (sighh). So I sat by myself while he stood several feet away from me. He refused to sit next to me,lol. Eventually we left...

So I had both a great and awful night. I think the pressure to have fun just killed it. But by looking at the photos, you can tell that I did have some fun moments(and it was before the drama took place btw). And I never danced with Jay, so it was sorta awkward. But we need to go again because it was such an awesome club. And we need the practice. Next time will be much better, I hope.

Ironically the next day, New Years Day, we had a great time! Jay came over for dinner and then I went to his house for dessert. New Years Day was muccchhh better then the night before,lol. I dunno why that happens, but you know I'm still young and on the dance floor, I just feel more free lol Sometimes you wanna dance with your girlfriend, you know? And when I dance I don't like talking, especially having to answer questions of why I don't wanna dance. It's supposed to be a carefree time. Owelll, that night is over now :)

Until next time..

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Great entry and good lookin pics!  My husband takes me out to see my cousin's band once in a while, but we never dance.  If he ever asks me to dance I will fall off my chair! lol  Happy New Year!  GBU, Shelly