Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My life is like vegetable soup

Each day is filled with various things that make each day unique..

March is just zooming by......or maybe its cause I'm getting older. Resgistration for my *senior* year in college is just around the corner. When did that happen?? I was looking at the list of course options for English and Psych and I'm realizing that I took practically everything. For some selfish reason (on my school's part), I still have to take 28 credits in order to graduate. BUTT there is no such thing as having even classes with 28 credits so I have to take 30. Most of these, (about 98%) will become fluff classes since I took/am taking the ones I need.

And I am also looking to make plans for my 21st birthday on March 29. The restaurant is already picked out and I think I will only invite a few of my closest friends.

Yesterday I handed in the complete application for that scholarship ~~crossing my fingers~~

My Dad is still continuing to experience some bad side affects from his medications. Every night, after taking his sleeping pill and steroids, he becomes incoherent, forgetful, and gets obnoxious at times. A lot of people don't understand the severity of his condition and don't know that someone has to be with him at all times. Every night, I have to put my dad to sleep and make sure he does not fall on his way there. I have to make sure he takes his medication and goes to bed at 10, not later. They don't know that I can't wait until 10 each night cause then I don't have to worry about my dad standing in the dark not realizing that he has to put the light switch on. It's okay though because these are things I can handle. I still rather live here amongst all this chaos then be someplace else just wondering.

As you can see I try to mix all my different thoughts. Thanks again for reading and for your precious comments. For my J-land friends out there: Really sorry for not commenting enough on your interesting entries and I feel neglectful. Rest assured, I do try to read as many as possible!!! :)


pennietoonz said...

Those medications are very powerful and the steroids can make someone seem obnoxious and many other things. Remember it`s the illness - the meds - making him this way.
I hope your birthday is wonderful!
My daughter is in her 2nd year of art school and will be home for spring break next week. :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

My daughter just picked her classes for her junior year in high school next year.  Must be that time across the board for school. lol  I'm so glad that you are there for your dad as well.  I couldn't be with mine every night like that, but I wanted to.  And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for that scholarship!  GBU, Shelly

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Good luck on that scholarship.
Joanna, I'm so sorry about your dad's sufferings. I wish I could do or say something to make you feel better but I simply don't know what to say except to let you know I care.