Thursday, October 6, 2005

A hit on?

For the most part this sem, class has been class (except my classes with Jackie, those r way more fun). I do the usual, get my hw done on time, read what I have too..and try to do that on time but its trickier..and just make sure I get enough sleep and nutrition.

My class that I dread the most? Research Methods. Not because it's hard, but I get the feeling I will never actually meet with my own personal standards, which are ever so high!!

But last night something strange happened in class. For the first time in a long time, I felt I knew what was goin on and that I was "known". Some may know what I'm talking about, I felt that I wasn't just a face in the crowd. Anyway we got into groups and we started talked about personal issues while we were supposed to do work,lol. Well a kid in my group knows my bf and we just started talking a bit and then the weird thing happened.

Another guy from the group in a serious tone goes "wait so you mean you're taken?"

I just sit there for a second and nod and he goes "okay so I guess I'll have to tell my girfriend" "hahahaha"

What in the world? Why do weird situations flock up against me.

Well the whole group was just silent and I quickly went back to what I was doing.

Weird lab day...Still confused though, was it a hit on? If it wasn't then that guy needs some serious work on his sense of humor..

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