Sunday, October 23, 2005

I feel like nesting

Well I haven't written in a while because I've been keeping up appearances in my myspace profile. Not much has been going on and that might be because I have been feeling like a hen, plump and wanting to nest or hybernate. My aunt has been making all sorts of yummy foods that I've been indulging in without any regret. I've been sick this past week,so all my work has been sorta compromised and I still don't feel a 100%. I'm slowly getting better and have my hot tea and chocolate to sooth me,lol

So tonight is Game 2 of the World Series. Not really a huge fan of either because I don't know em but I love watching regardless. I don't think the Astros have ever made it this far so I might be quietly rooting for them,lol.

Long week ahead of me and November is just around the corner. Right now I better finish looking up info on Visual Neglect, an interesting little disorder :)

I'll try to write soon....if I don't feel like a hen again


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