Monday, October 10, 2005

I know that this is true..

It's been a rainy, dreary, working hard weekend and I'm sick on top of it all. Instead of complaining I thought I would think of things that I know is true in this world Unknown...

Alright, I know that THIS is true...

*my family loves me

* I have the smartest dog (because he smells does not count)

*I know that I want to counsel for a career (how I do it is still a mystery)

*not everyone is out to get me

*a lot of anger in the world is done out of selfish reasons

*jealousy is the root of a lot of evil

*many kids do not know the meaning of fear-and that is a dangerous thing

* I rather be a passenger in a car but a driver in my life

*I love Polish food and need to learn how to cook more of it (alright, all of it)

*I cannot live without chocolate

*having a breakup can make you appreciate a great relationship

*genorosity pays back in ways you cannot imagine

*you can take care of your body but Psychology takes care of your mind

                                     ***and lastly***

*making time for people, any person, is the most important thing in the world

 On a different note~I read this and I thought of you..


" Life presents lessons to you. You must decide, of all that comes your way, what is true and what is not, what applies to you and what does not. You are the real teacher, and the learning is up to you. "

I read that in my book of different quotes and I found it interesting

<3 <3 <3








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storm844 said...

What an awesome entry!  And so, SO true...  I have a tough time with this time of the year and it's always good to have things put into perspective... thank you for that :O)

And quotes... I LOVE quotes!

But anyways, thanks again for the great entry... Hope you get to feeling better!