Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Godson turns 3!!

Happy Birthday to you..

Aww my Godson Michael turns 3 today and I am not able to see him *tear tear* Why you ask? Because he is all the way in Poland and I'm all the way here.

I did get a chance to speak to him over the phone though but he was so excited that he didn't wanna talk, lol. He had a huge party and plenty of guests to tend to, haha. He is so smart. One day, my aunt told me, he asked his mom if he could go to the neighbors house (where there are no kids mind you only adults). This is what he said "Mom I'm leaving to go to the neighbors for some coffee" lololol. So he went and stayed there all by himself for over 3 hours!!!

*sigghhh* I miss him. I miss everyone there actually since half of my family is there. Ohh welll, I just visit frequently and that helps.

Oh boy I gotta go now to get ready for "North Country" that I'm seeing with Jay. First we're gonna go to Shop-and-Stop to get some munchies and drinks, lol. No way I'm spending all that money and popcorn that's too stale or drinks that are half filled with ice. No way hosay.

Happy Birthday Baby, MWAAA

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