Thursday, February 23, 2006

Expecting company

Just in case anyone was curious, these are some pictures that I had recieved from my cousin at her "prom" I guess you can say. She is the brunette on the left, a lot of people even say we look alike!! She is 2 years younger then me and my favorite cousin!!! Isn't that red dress gorgeous too by the way??

So today my half brother from North Carolina is coming to spend a few days with our dad. After hearing the news, he wants to come and see us. I'm excited as well since I haven't seen him since the last time he came for our grandmother's funeral in 2004. My dad is doing okay and is resting a lot (our orders!!! lol). His spirits were low for a few days so we were worrying and I'm not sure how he's going to take it once the real deal starts-radiation and chemo. We can only pray that it will work out....

Today, my favorite part of the Olympics will be on!!!! Ladies free style skating. The girls from the US are doing great, I'm rooting for Sasha!! It's too bad that it'll interfere with Dancing with the Stars though but thats okay, I'll switch it up :)



xxroxymamaxx said...

Yes, gorgeous dress! Your cousin is very pretty too.  That is soo good that your brother is coming to see your dad.  I wish more people would have went to see mine but everyone was afraid, and I can understand that, but I just wish.  Thanks for the  tip on the Olympics tonight, going to have to check that out, after American Idol that is. lol  GBU, Shelly

pennietoonz said...

i hope your dad can stay in good`s difficult.
nice pics  ;)
i will be watching the skaters after american idol!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Awesome dress! Love it. I'm missing the Olympics because I'm over here buried in books:(
Keep me tuned in, please.