Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tag, I'm It

Tagged!! Yes, let me try this

50 things you might not know about me -- erase my answers and put in your own, then repost in your own journal.  Make sure you tag 3 people to join in. Post their links & let them know they've been tagged.... HAVE FUN!!

1. What is your middle name?  I don't have one :(

2. What size is your bed? twin 

3. What are you listening to? "What it takes" by Aerosmith

4. What are the last two digits in your phone number? 41

5.  What was the last thing you ate? chicken noodle soup, a family Sunday tradition

6.  Last person you hugged? my mom

7.  How is the weather right now? mild weather for NY 

8.  Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Jason!!

9.  The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? their mood

10.  Do you have a bf/gf/spouse/sig other? boyfriend

12.  Do you drink?  sometimes

13.  Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? no

14.  Hair color?  dirty blonde

15.  Eye color? blue/green with a hint of yellow

16.  Fav baseball team? gotta go with my Daddy and say the Mets 

17.  Fav animal? puppy

18.  Favorite season? summer 

19.  Ever cried for no reason? yes, I'm female aren't I?

20.  Last movie you watched? oh boy, The Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen

29.  What book are you reading? The Iliad by Homer, help me!! lol 

30.  Piercings? 2 in each ear 

31.  Favorite movie? jeez, not an avid movie watcher, but I like the classics and some new ones 

32.  Favorite college team? St. John's Red Storm

33.  What are you doing right now? instant messaging 

34.  Any pets? yes

35.  Dog or cat? dog and bird 

36.  Favorite flower? I'm not picky, lily of the valley and the rose 

37.  Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to? probably 

38.  Have you ever loved someone? yess

39.  Who would you like to see right now? my new baby cousin

40.  Are you stillfriends with your ex's? why would I want to be 

41.  Have you ever fired a gun? no

42.  Do you like to travel by plane? no, but it's the quickest way to travel 

43.  Right or left handed? right 

44.  If you could be with someone right now, who would it be?  Jay

45.  How many pillows do you sleep with? 1 

46.  Are you missing someone? mhmm

47.  Do you have a tattoo? no

48.  Do you watch cartoons on Saturday morning? I used to when I was little, I loved Tweety 

49.  Are you hiding something from someone? no

50.  Do you play an instrument? no

Now who can I tag....I don't have a big list so whomever wants to!!!! :) 

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Thanks for playing.  Good Answers!  GBU, Shelly