Thursday, January 26, 2006

Feeling the the present moment :)

Last semester was filled with a lot of researching and this time my days are filled with reading. I'm in the middle of reading at least 4 books for different classes and this can get confusing. Why did I pick English as a minor again?? Nah I actually usually enjoy it and think that it is better than a lot of other subjects out there. I think that its funny since I forgot simple math rules that I keep bumping into in my after school program yet understand different theory concepts and the significance of empiricism and how that relates to each and every one of us that is interested in truth! Pheww

I try to think that I already know what I want to do with my life and my only quest is to "discover" it. Thinking this way helps me to believe that my aim in this world has already been set forth and I simply need to uncover it with the tools life has given me. There is no use being confused about ones direction because we already are on one! I believe that if we work really hard on whats best for us at the present then that is already one of the tools we need for fulfillment. A very philosophical inquiry is it not?? lol

My 3 semesters of Philosophy has been to some use at least :)

Other than philosophizing about days events, I am counting the days to February. Hopefully the month will come quickly and bring some joy into mine,my family's, and my friends lives. It is always this time of year where things tend to feel crummy. My hope is that February will still contain some of the lightheartedness of January but bring forth hints of spring-like illusions as well- illusions since February is no substitute of the months of spring-yet no one minds when its 65 degrees outside :)


xxroxymamaxx said...

I like that.  No use being confused about one's direction because we already are on it.  That is really good!  I sometimes wonder what my life's purpose or "theme" is but that really puts it into perspective.  It's the now.  Very cool.  You have a great journal and I really enjoy reading it!  GBU, Shelly

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hi Joanna,
Shelly directed me your way and I agree with your philosophy and share a similar philosophy; Life has no guarantees; there is no guarantee more than the moment we have. So, if we don't use our time wisely, we really have ourselves fooled.
Glad you like English; that was my major.

pennietoonz said...

Hi...I also found your journal through Shelly.
There are two phrases that your entry reminds me of. One is : "Life is what happens while we`re busy making other plans"......And the other is: "The present is just a pleasant interruption to the past."
We are often too busy planning for the future to enjoy the present.
Stop by sometime if you`d like!!

jckfrstross said...

Hi coming by the way of shelly:) great thoughts, life will find you:)