Monday, January 9, 2006

All rise

Hello everyone, I am still enjoying my vacation from school. Today, finally, was a little bump into reality where I got to be a grownup and go to my first ever jury duty. After waking up early they called me to a panel by 11am. Afterwards, a group of about 20 of us packed into a tiny room where the defendant and plaintiff were there. First a random 6 people were interviewed whereas only 3 were chosen to be on the case. Then they needed 3 more jurors and 2 alternates.

This is only a civil case so there are only 6 jurors plus alternates. Then, I was chosen as the 5th juror!!! I have to go to court tomorrow and hopefully the case will start. I was told that this personal injury case will only last at the most of about 4 days. Plenty of time for me to enjoy the last days of vacation and sleep in!!! I'm excited about tomorrow!!!

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, cool....I think it's awesome to be able to give your vote on this messed up justice system of ours.  You go girl!  I got called to do jury duty when I was 9 months prego. lol  They laughed and told me to go home.  : )  GBU, Shelly