Friday, January 13, 2006


Jury duty was a blast. In total I spent 3 days in court and give me the chance again and I would love it! Although we reached a decision and that was not to give any liability, I felt bad that I couldn't go back the next day,lol. It was a wonderful experience for me though.

Jay's birthday is on Sunday and I need to buy something cute to wear :) Today however, I think its gonna be a girls night out with with best friend Monica and our friend Jess. I think we're gonna go back to our club from New Year's Eve since that was a pretty place. And if you go before 10:30 PM< you get free admission :) I might go get a manicure too so that way I will look nice both today and on Jay's birthday.

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xxroxymamaxx said...

Glad you enjoyed the jury duty, most people don't! lol  And woohoo on going out tonight with your girlfriends.  Sounds like fun.  Good luck finding a cute outfit for your date with Jay.  GBU, Shelly