Monday, September 26, 2005


hmmm I heard some peculiar news today....hmmmm

Other then that, not much going on today but just random thoughts and rambles. Senior year is next year and I really start needing to condense my choices and decide what I want to go into if I do go to Graduate school. Cuz the truth of the matter is, I don't know if I wanna spend a large, work-packed 2 years of my life if it won't guarantee me anything. Am I being reasonable, I think I am just being realistic. My major is Psychology and I do enjoy it for the most part. Several of my Professors are eh but thats only because they are Doctors and act all too well like them. Not saying anything negative about Doctors but you know what I mean. They use big technical terms and do not have a sense of humor. I don't want to be like that.

On the other hand, I still need to go look for an internship and I'm hoping that it will point me in the right direction. I'm not really worried about "working out there" because I know it will work out. I'm just not sure if school is what I really want to do but I might just have to.

I should be doing work right now but I don't want to. Re-writting my little one page paper seems insignificant now then it was last week. So I got a B- on my intro and paraphrase. Can't you tell what kind of nut this is? Yeah this is the one that I was yapping about a couple of entries ago. Right now I just don't care about it.

In English I'm reading The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, who happens to be a woman but took the persona of a man!! Isn't that incredible. She didn't want to be "another female writer" so she did this. This was written like in the 19th Century so many woman writers had to really try to prove to others that they can be just as good as anyone else. Not digging it in the beginning, I'm really starting to get a hang of it now that I know more about Eliot's background and of the book.

Thats it for now, tootles

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storm844 said...

Ya know... it seems like it all used to be so simple.  People went to college, got degrees, graduated and got jobs.  Now we go to school, many students change majors 50 billion times, it often takes 5 or 6 years to graduate, no one is guaranteed a job, no one knows if there are jobs available in their fields... our economy sucks... yeah, it's a rough working world for people our age!   I would do an internship to see how you like it and go from there.  I'm in the same boat... 1 1/2 years left and not sure what to do at the end... so I feel for ya!
Good luck though!