Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jurassic Park III= Fun

Weekend went very well. Starting on Friday...

Jay and I went to Jonathon's where we met his friend Anthony and then we all went to this place called Johnnie Rockets to eat. I wasn't all that hungry but I knew we would go to the bar laters so I ate up. Afterwards, we all went back to Jonathon's house to chill before we would go. We decided to watch Jurassic Park III which initially I wasn't all to keen on doing. Watching it with a group though makes all the difference cuz we were laughing our behinds off! Then we went to our regular place which seemed less crowded then usual but it was still good. Shhhhh, I got me a Long-Island ice tea but don't tell anyone *innocent grin*

On Sat, I went to see Jay's band "No Big Deal" play in this place called the Red Zone. I was very happy my friend Jackie could make it with her date and I hope they had a good time. Just to prove what kind of nerd I am, she even gave me a list to tell me how to print something out for school, lol. They didn't play my fav song but I got to hear like 2 new ones instead.

What else happened..hmm I got to test out Jay's new bed..yes, think what you want, think what you want :). I really liked his pillows, and I believe that it's time I should get a new one. We looked through old yearbooks, it was mighty mighty...what's the word I'm looking for? comfortable.

By the way. Dr. Pepper is nasty I dunno why so many of you like it out there!!! My fav is still the good ol' Coca Cola. I wonder where it got it's name from. Anyone know??

Anyhoots, back to homework!!!

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