Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is it December yet?

Things are beginning to get overhwelming. My classes are horrible. It is one of those semeters where in each class, the Professor thinks theirs in the only class that I am taking. In "Women's Writer's", we are expected to read our assigned book every week. This means that every day I am reading "at least" 50 pages...for ONE subject. This is not even my major!!

Each class is like this, I really don't know how things are gonna be when I start work next week. It feels like this wasn't as hard as last year. The good part is, is that I know more people that I see on a daily basis.

I had lunch with Susan today which was unexpected and nice. She also plans on getting an internship this year and so we are planning on going togther. We made other plans as well I just hope I am able to keep up with them considering this schedule.

Did I mention that i got drenched today by flying watered fireballs?

Ok so it was rain and not really fireballs but thats certainly what it felt like. Large globs of water and with this humidity that we are still experiencing, I was sweating and wet to the bone (with my umbrella mind you). Oh and I had a Sex and the City moment that was not fun either. I saw my bus and I was get to the line. This is already while I am soaking wet. So, what does fate decide to throw upon me? Well there is a really busy intersection near the stop and a car decided to beside me. I felt like I was at a beach; there was this huge wave (it seems) that went crashing at me. Needless to say, I was glad when I was finally at that bus.

Well I better get going seeing that I have a load of work to do. Cross your fingers that I do well :)

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