Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just jabbing along

I wish I could use some smilies here but AOL won't allow me. Maybe I need to upgrade this thing or something but I do not know how to do it :(. See iIwould have used a sad smiley here which would have been more animated for you guys, lol. Owell

On to my weekend...

I thought I was gonna to get a panic attack yesterday. I have got so much work to do that for a moment I thought "how am I ever gonna finish this on time?". Thank God for Jason though, he is a lifesaver for me right now. He's doing me this huge favor and finding/printing a couple of articles that I need. The thing is, it took me an hour and a half last evening to find and print one damn article!!! Knowing that I have all of this other stuff, this is helping me a looot. Also, I am not such a computer saavy person so thanks Jay!! And I had a lot of fun yesterday *wink*

So today my mom, aunt and I went shopping. We bought a whole load of fun goodies so I had a blast. Tomorrow I am seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousin and later Jay and I might see "The Constant Gardner". For this I heard mixed reviews. It is not a comedy so if you want to think and learn, I heard that I should see it. It's long though, grrrr, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

I guess that was only half of my weekend.

One more thing before I go. I start work on Tuesday which means that I will yet try to find other ways to get my hw done. oyyy. It won't be so bad though because it is only twice a week and I like my job. I get to help kids (who already know me from the past 4 years of me working there). 4 years, is it really that long??? I had also gotten a raise, YAYYY. I won't say how much because I would like to keep my friends, haha. No really, it is not a fortune but I love it anyway!! So that's it. Till next time!!!

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saladdays83 said...

no problem Jo, anytime, like I said if you ever need help or anything I will go above and beyond the call of duty lol.