Sunday, September 11, 2005

My 9/11 Memories

I will never forget...


September 11, 2001 changed my life in ways that I still cannot grasp even 4 years later. The thought of all those people that were MURDERED all before their time is just plain awful. I think that a piece of all New Yorkers' hearts broke a little that day. I don't mean to bring all the painful memories of that day back again. This is just my story of what I will remember of that fateful day.

I was a junior in High School and it was the middle of Bio class. Throughout the class we kept on hearing different names called to go down to the office. My friend Maggie was sitting next to me when we hear the first of many announcements. I will paraphrase; "I have some really sad news to tell you today. There has been a horrible plane accident in lower Manhattan". YEs that principal of mine called it a "plane accident"!! "I would like everyone to not worry and to finish this class. Afterwards everyone may proceed to return to their homerooms. If I find anything else out I will let everyone know promptly. Please do not panic or come downstairs. Thank you." Can you believe that? The World Trade Center had collapsed and she continued to call it a plane accident!! Needless to say people panicked.

I did not have a cell phone so I was not able to call anyone. I knew that both of my parents worked in lower Manhattan..I was scared to death. It was not until about 2 PM that my father finally picked me up. What he had to say was horrible. He worked about 3 blocks away from the WTC and he saw everything: the 2nd plane hitting the tower, people jumping from the windows..I couldn't believe City, destroyed.

Luckily no one in my family worked there and died. I did have a boyfriend though whose mother perished...that was horrible. I remember crying for days. I was grateful that I had the chance to visit the towers a couple years earlier and go on the roof and see the amazing view of the entire city. Today I cherish those memories. Nothing they will ever build will ever be enough for me. I want my towers back, not some damn old building thats "safe"!!!

I hate the people who did this. They deserve to be punished. To kill so many inncoent lives just because they hate America, that is pure evil. This is why I will always support out troops in whatever they do. I will never forget and I will always stand by America..<3 God bless the USA!!

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