Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today I just want to write. And not to be graded on it. Yeah i started my sentence with "and" and "yeah" so take THAT Professor who shall be remained as G!!! I don't write well enough for ya, you say, well hmmfff!!! is what I say. My thoughts are clear but still shady for you?.....BUG OFF, is that clearer :)

I feel better now.

I like this font too.

I like a lot of things come to think of it. But not "Young Goodman Brown" by Hawthorne. Enough is enough, you read one of his stories and you get the idea of what he is about. I do like him though but not the story,lol

My boyfriends band is playing on Sat, yeeeHAWW. Not really country music, lol it is like punk rock but I am thinking about cowboy boots. It's in style right now but since I am not living in Texas, I will not buy them!! I don't get those people out there but owell, if it suits your fancy...

Speaking of Texas (see how each topic is related), I feel very badly for those in Rita's way. I just don't know, the South is not lucky this year. I'm hoping things will be more prepared as I believe they are. However you cannot stop Mother Nature, she has been doing her thing since the beginning of time.

Now i believe it is my time to go. This time I will update sooner thinking it's almost the weekend already. YEhawwww

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