Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Ahh Bloomingdales

So i went to the City today for what was supposed to be my eye doctor appointment. Since I'm considered a "Glaucoma suspect", it is essential that I see my Doc every 5-6 months just to keep things on the right track.

When I got there, I found out that my appointment was canceled :( It is not their fault since they did call about a week ago but my Aunt, who does not speak English, answered. We just thought that they were confirming my appoint. but in actuality, they wanted to tell me that my Doc was not coming in :( oweelll.

What did I do instead?? GO TO BLOOMINGDALE'S!!!

What paradise! I had to go to work so all I could do was look around but I saw some amazing things. Skirts, sweaters, jackets,etc etc. I saw these Michele watches that were gorgeous. I wonder how much they cost...I do need a watch and I want it to be a good one.Maybe for Christmas?

I was in such a happy mood that I decided I wanted to look pretty now!! lol. I put on my "reasonable" sized high heels (with no stocking) and went off. By the end of my day, I was in pain and limping from multiple blisters.

Actually, why did I ever think my day went well. My appointment was canceled, I had no money on me, and all I could do was window shop with no chance of getting anything.

Mhmm, I must go back again and I'm thinking Friday would be a great day to do it. Oh wish me luck on getting a fabulous skirt for Thanksgiving.

And a watch for Christmas...

And boots for the winter...

Okay I'm dreaming, but I'm allowed to!! :) *Ahhhhhhh*

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tillysweetchops said...

Ouch! First rule of shopping (as you know!) is wear flats. When I used to visit New York a lot I used to love getting lost in Bloomingdales, although it used to depress me if I had no money!!

Tilly x