Monday, November 21, 2005

This and That

Brown seems to be the color of the season right?

I really do hope my face clears up as soon as it can, preferably before Thanksgiving,lol. It is actually barely noticeable with makeup but the blotches are still there. Please, please go away and now I'm hoping that they are the strawberries because if they aren't then I really have no clue what started this.

I wanted to buy Coldplay tickets today from ticketmaster but they are doing this thing with auctions. What in the world? Why can't I just buy my two tickets and pick out my seats, that was my intention after all. So I went to ticketmaster and saw that prices start at $100!! Plus, you aren't even guaranteed a seat if someone bids higher then you!!

I only saw Coldplay once and that was at Clausfest and they only played a few songs. Damn...really wanted to see them again.

Besides that, its cold and we're waiting for rain here in NY. Perfect weather for snuggling up to a great book, right?? :)


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storm844 said...

I love Coldplay :O)  And I too hate these dumb things ticketmaster does with the tickets.  Lotteries, auctions, etc... I mean look, if I want to wait in line all night and I'm the first person, then I should be first to get tickets, as should people who happen to be in front of me... period.  If you buy your tickets, then no one should be able to "outbid" you... it's crappy!  But I digress... it's just the world today!

Anyway, I hope you get your tickets!