Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharing is Caring

So the world's ugliest dog died today. Well I'll tell you one thing; I bet he never shared his doggie biscuits like my dog does. No ma'am, my dog Bengie will walk straight up to you with a milkbone in his mouth and will drop it at your feet until you pretend to eat it.

Today he came into my room while I was on the phone and dropped his golden nugget at my heal. The thing is, he won't even leave until he believes you have taken a part of it.

Reason? does he want to make sure its not poison, quite possibly but I believe it has to do with his HEART. He just loves to share :)

Starting today, I'm on vacation!! Got 2 papers to do and a load of other things that I will postpone till later and put on my "to do" list.

Ok who am I kidding?? lol Gonna probably start it tomorrow. ():)

Can't wait til tomorrow actually, cuz I'll be watching "The Notebook" and making Jay sit through it with me!!! :) It's for "educational" purposes and I'm not even kidding. In one of my classes, we have to watch a movie with some character having a memory disorder. In the movie, Allie (Rachel McAdams, love her) has one, but I won't mention it and give it away! Everyone should see it:)

I love love LOVE this movie and is the first DVD I bought. OK I admit that is sorta sad but I never had a DVD player :(. Now i have it on my computer but I won't need it anyway since I'll be going to Jay's house to watch it. Ready or not..

By the way, I had White Castle today...it is scrumptious. Delicious, and yummy, and satisfying and......alright this sounds like a whole other thing,lol

I better go before I get too carried away with my adjectives!! Damn it now I'm hungry all over again!!! :)



xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi.  I was going back through all the comments I got on Halloween and found yours.  Cute about the dog sharing his treats.  Happy Thanksgiving and happy vacation too!  GBU, Shelly
P.S. Loved the Notebook!

storm844 said...

AWW... sweet doggie!  
Happy Thanksgiving, hope you enjoy the vacation :O)  I know I needed it!!