Saturday, November 5, 2005

A Free Moment

My Professor postponed our Physiological Psych. test from Monday to Wednesday and now I have some time to spare :)

If you read my previous blog, you know that I was obsessed with Bloomingdale's. So this past Friday I took my boyfriend in tow and went there. 2 hours later, and just when I was about to leave with not a single thing purchased, instinct told me to go back to this particular section once again.

I went back and lo and behold!! They had my size small cute black skirt that I had wanted all along but didn't have my size. Somehow, someone had put the only small size back on the rack and saved my day!!

No I am not normally that superficial but give me a break, I had a hard week (): )

And my weekend (which I am in the middle of now) is not much more lenient.

Until I got this terrific email from my Professor.

...Thanks Professor for allowing me some time for back to my work...

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