Monday, November 28, 2005

My Movie Reviews

I love this movie...

The Notebook

It's called The Notebook and I had a chance to see it for the second time over this past weekend and I just love it. I need to do a paper on a memory disorder and was given this as a choice. So a couple of weeks ago I had gotten this DVD and was able to watch it Friday.

What is especially cute, anyone who has seen this movie will agree, is that Ryan and Rachel are actually going out in real life. AWW..

I think she's a terrific actress and my favorite right now. In my opinion, this movie was better then the book although that is usually the other way around isn't it?

Great Great movie..

On a second note, we watched bits of Lady Audley's Secret in my English class today..

We have just finished reading Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret so it was interesting to see the differences between the text and the movie version. In this case however, I think the novel is way better then the movie. I think it's very rare to find a novel that fits exactly to the movie description. All the directors seem to want to put their spin on these things...I cannot believe Lady Audley has dark hair in this movie!!lol. It's a good read though if anyone is looking for an interesting and mysterious novel :)


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xxroxymamaxx said...

I loved the Notebook too.  and thanks for the tip on the other book.  I love books.  And I have written my share of papers, although not for me, wish I could go back to school though, I would do good at it.  I helped my MIL get through it and now a cousin....just recently helped her with an Engl Lit  paper.  Good luck on yours.  GBU, Shelly