Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frito anyone?

Or an Oreo?

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. Jay, Monica and I went out to meet some of her friends in the city. One of them just happens to be her crush who possibly does not know it. Well anyway, last night he had brought a girl with him so as you can understand she was verry crushed.

We went to the NYIT(New York Institute of Technology) dorms so we could have a place to chill for the evening. Since Jay and I were the only non NYIT students there we had to wait in the late night chilly outdoors so someone could sign us in. after that we were quite comfortable.

The residents there were very nice to us and we were equipped with chips, cookies, sodas, and other various liquid substances, haha. To say the least, people were "friendly", at times, overly friendly towards one another. But when Monica's man and the other girl started in a midst of passion, feelings started to be involved. My poor friend Monica's heart was shattered. It was time to go

It took us a while but we finally got on the right train and looking back, I dunno how we got through it without any complaints. In Monica's obvious agony, words were shouted out that would make me squeemish. It was quite funny actually although her sobbing and yelling of profanity did not help our situation.

At the end of the night, all was quiet and half of which was remembered. Ahh well at least I can say there is but one man who was quite practical and reasonable and that was Jay. To the other guy, well he can bug off and leave Mon alone although I don't see that happening considering all 3 of them are in the same classes.

But hearts can mend right? Of course they can

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