Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Writing about Writing

Came back from lab a couple of hours sleepy..

I found out that i'm doing really well in that class-Research Methods- which is great but the pressure is now stronger then ever to keep that grade up.

I have 1 more week of school left and there is still much to attend to!!

1. Do my paper for Physio. Psych that's about "The Notebook" and Alzheimer's. It's due Tuesday, argghhhhh

2. Do an extra credit paper in that same class about substance abuse. Thinking about doing "Ray"??? for Wed

3. Re-do my already "excellent" paper about Lady Audley's Secret and Matilda. My teacher has given our optional papers back and said I did a "great" job!! That's due in about 2 weeks :)

4. Do my second draft paper about William Carlos Williams' poem, "Spring and All". Ughh, i know he will grade me harshly..This is due on Tuesday.

So much, right before school is ending :(

But you needn't worry because I always get my sleep and eat right so this should all work out for me.

P.S. Just because my grammar or style here isn't always so great does NOT mean I'm a bad English student!! On the contrary I am actually a pretty good writer who just so happens to be lazy in her journal and who doesn't particularly care about style in her private place of various thoughts!! Just to clear that up for anyone!! :)


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xxroxymamaxx said...

wow, only a week left and you'll get a break.  Congratulations.  I know my kids are going to be out of school for 21 days.  Can you believe it?  Good luck on your papers.  GBU, Shelly