Thursday, November 17, 2005

Various events

Guess what Joanna got into? Psi Chi, thats what!!! No I did not learn a new language, Psi Chi is this huge honor society for Psychology. Both me and Jackie got in although I don't know how many others applied..YES, 2 honor societies in college under my belt.....uuurrrmm.. skirt :)

A lot going on, we are looking at open houses every weekend and so far we have found my cousin an appartment!! Yeah thats what we decided to do. We are going to keep our house and look for an apartment that one day may be mine :). Nothing grand, but 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is preferable. Well the 2 bedroom thing is a must. I'm so excited, I'm already thinking about what I wanna buy in IKEA, haha. Very huge project right now.

My english class is a torture. My professor ain't bad but his load of work is. Last week I handed in my THIRD draft of the same paper and but of course I got a B. I almost cried. I felt that bad. What did he decide to do in class today? Assign draft 1 for our next term paper!! All of this plus a crap load of other things to do. If I can only get through to Thanksgiving I will be very thankful indeed.

Speaking of, I need new tights for my skirt. Must buy, must buy, but when??

Am getting a haircut tomorrow and she is not sure if she will have time for hilites. It doesn't really matter since I can always go elsewhere.

Have a huge presentation tomorrow!! It is about Neuropsychology and in particular I will be talking about Visual Neglect. I had to make 32 copies 4 pages apiece for my class. I always get nervous in front of people, so wish me luck!

Is that it, I think that's it for now. Such a lovely day.

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saladdays83 said...

I'm glad you made it into your honor society :).  I'm sooo proud of you Joanna!